NOTE: This list contains only those refereed papers with previously unpublished GBT data (original or archival), or a “significant” reanalysis of previously published data.

2023 Publications

Author. Title. ReferenceAbstract/Article Link (if available)
Agazie, G. et al. The NANOGrav 15 yr Data Set: Observations and Timing of 68 Millisecond Pulsars. 2023 ApJ, 951, 92023ApJ…951L…9A
Andreon, s. et al. Witnessing the intracluster medium assembly at the cosmic noon in JKCS 041. 2023 MNRAS, 522, 43012023MNRAS.522.4301A
Anna-Thomas, R. et al Magnetic field reversal in the turbulent environment around a repeating fast radio burst. 2023 Science, 380, 5992023Sci…380..599A
Bianchi, E. et al.  Cyanopolyyne chemistry in the L1544 prestellar core: new insights from GBT Observations. 2023 ApJ, 944, 2082023ApJ…944..208B
Cooke, I. R. et al. Detection of Interstellar E-1-cyano-1,3-butadiene in GOTHAM Observations of TMC-1. 2023 ApJ, 948, 1332023ApJ…948..133C
Corcoran, K.A. et al. No MSP Counterparts Detected in GBT Searches of Spider Candidates 4FGL J0935.3+0901, 4FGL J1627.7+3219, and 4FGL J2212.4+0708. 2023 RNAAS, 7, 412023RNAAS…7…41C
Crawford, F. et al. Measurements of the Crab Pulsar’s Giant Radio Pulse Amplitude Power-Law Index Using Low-Frequency Arecibo and Green Bank Telescope Observations. 2023 ApJ, 948, 462023ApJ…948…46C
Edris, K.A. & Darwish, M.S. Dust emissions and OH masers: evidence for tracing advanced stages of HMPOs. 2023 EPhysJ+, 138, 82023EPJP..138..717E
Eibenstiner, C. et al Kinematic analysis of the super-extended HI disk of the nearby spiral galaxy M83. 2023 A&A, 675, A372023A&A…675A..37E
Fallon, P. et al. Point Source C-band Mueller Matrices for the Green Bank Telescope. 2023 AJ, 186, 262023AJ….166…26F
Falxa, M. et al Searching for continuous Gravitational Waves in the second data release of the International Pulsar Timing Array. 2023 MNRAS, 521, 50772023MNRAS.521.5077F
Ferreira, Ricardo Z. et al. Gravitational Waves from Domain Walls in Pulsar Timing Array Datasets. 2023 JCAP, 2, 12023JCAP…02..001F
Frank, E., et al. The HI Content of Red Geyser Galaxies. 2023 MNRAS, 519, 33122023MNRAS.519.3312F
Gallimore, J.F. & Impellizzeri, C.M.V. High Sensitivity Observations of the Water Megamasers of NGC 1068: Precise Astrometry and Detailed Kinematics. 2023 ApJ 951, 1092023ApJ…951..109G
Garrett, M. A. , & Siemion, A.P.V. Constraints on extragalactic transmitters via Breakthrough Listen. 2023 MNRAS, 519, 45812023MNRAS.519.4581G
Goddy, Julian S, et al. A Comparison of the Baryonic Tully-Fisher Relation in MaNGA and IllustrisTNG. 2023 MNRAS, 520, 38952023MNRAS.520.3895G
Isopi, G. et al. Compact Sources in the A401-A399 Galaxy Cluster System Observed at 90 GHz with the MUSTANG-2 Camera. 2023 RNAAS, 7, 792023RNAAS…7…79I
Kameno, S. et al. ALMA detection of 321 GHz water maser emission in the radio galaxy NGC 1052. 2023 PASJ, 75, L12023PASJ…75…L1K
Kumari, S. et al. Decade Long Timing Study of the Black Widow Millisecond Pulsar J1544+4937. 2023 ApJ, 942, 872023ApJ…942…87K
Lockman, F.J. et al. A Component of the Smith High Velocity Cloud Now Crossing the Galactic Plane. 2023 ApJ, 943, 552023ApJ…943…55L
Lu, R.-S. et al. A ring-like accretion structure in M87 connecting its black hole and jet. 2023 Nature, 616, 6862023Natur.616..686L
Ma, P.X. et al A deep-learning search for technosignatures from 820 nearby stars. 2023 Nat. Astr. 7, 492023NatAs…7..492M
Marchal, A. & Martin, P. On the origin of the North Celestial Pole Loop. 2023 ApJ, 942, 702023ApJ…942…70M
Miao, C.-C., et al. Reciprocating Magnetic Fields in the Pulsar Wind Observed from the Black Widow Pulsar J1720-0534. 2023 RAA., 23, 15005M2023RAA….23j5005M
Navarro-Almaida, D., et al. Linking the dust and chemical evolution: Taurus and Perseus. New collisional rates for HCN, HNC, and their C, N, and H isotopologues. 2023 A&A, 670, 1102023A&A…670A.110N
Noon, K.A. et al. Direct observations of the atomic-molecular phase transition in the Milky Way’s nuclear wind. 2023 MNRAS, 524, 12582023MNRAS.524.1258N
O’Neil, K. et al. Searching in H I for Massive Low Surface Brightness Galaxies: Samples from HyperLeda and the UGC. 2023 AJ, 165, 2632023AJ….165..263O
Orlowski-Scherer, J. et al. GBT/MUSTANG-2 900 resolution imaging of the SZ effect in MS0735.6+7421. Confirmation of the SZ cavities through direct imaging (Corrigendum). 2023 A&A 676, 202023A&A…676C…2O
Perez, K.I. et al. Green Bank Telescope Discovery of the Redback Binary Millisecond Pulsar PSR J0212+5321. 2023 ApJ 952, 1502023ApJ…952..150P
Popov, M.V. et al. Technical Constraints on Interstellar Interferometry and Spatially Resolving the Pulsar Magnetosphere. 2023 ApJ, 954, 1262023ApJ…954..126P
Redaelli, E. et al. Nitrogen fractionation in ammonia and its insights on nitrogen chemistry. 2023 A&A, 674, 82023A&A…674L…8R
Remijan, A. et al. Astronomical Detection of the Interstellar Anion C10H- towards TMC-1 from the GOTHAM Large Program on the GBT. 2023 ApJ 944, 452023ApJ…944L..45R
Romero, C.E. et al. Inferences from surface brightness fluctuations of Zwicky 3146 via the Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect and X-ray observations. 2023 ApJ 951, 412023ApJ…951…41R
Sheikh, S.Z., et al. A Green Bank Telescope search for narrowband technosignatures between 1.1-1.9 GHz during 12 Kepler planetary transits. 2023 AJ 165 612023AJ….165…61S
Smith, S.E.T. et al. Velocity-Coherent Substructure in TMC-1: Inflow and Fragmentation. 2023 MNRAS, 518, 2852023MNRAS.519..285S
Suresh, A.  et al. A 4-8 GHz Galactic Center Search for Periodic Technosignatures. 2023 AJ, 165, 2552023AJ….165..255S
Swiggum, J.K. et al. The Green Bank North Celestial Cap Survey. VII. 12 New Pulsar Timing Solutions. 2023 ApJ, 944, 1542023ApJ…944..154S
Tennis, J.D. et al. Detection and modelling of CH3NC in TMC-1. 2023 MNRAS, 525,21542023MNRAS.525.2154T
Thomas, C.A. et al. Orbital Period Change of Dimorphos Due to the DART Kinetic Impact. 2023 Nature, 616, 4482023Natur.616..448T
Uno, Y. et al. Upper limits on transmitter rate of extragalactic civilizations placed by Breakthrough Listen observations. 2023 MNRAS, 522, 46492023MNRAS.522.4649U
Vujeva, L. et al. Mapping the multiphase structure of H I in the Low-Latitude Intermediate-Velocity Arch 1. 2023 ApJ 951, 1202023ApJ…951..120V

2022 Publications

Author. Title. ReferenceLink (if available)
Abbate, F. et al. Four pulsar discoveries in NGC 6624 by TRAPUM using MeerKAT. 2022 MNRAS 513, 22922022MNRAS.513.2292A
Akiyama, K. et al.. First Sagittarius A* Event Horizon Telescope Results. II. EHT and Multiwavelength Observations, Data Processing, and Calibration. 2022 ApJ, 930, 132022ApJ…930L..13E
Alexander, K. et al. . GBT/MUSTANG-2 90 GHz Observations of AT2022cmc. 2022 AstrTel 152692022ATel15269….1A
Antoniadis, J., et al. The International Pulsar Timing Array second data release: Search for an isotropic Gravitational Wave Background. 2022 MNRAS, 510, 48732022MNRAS.510.4873A
Ashley, T. et al. Diverse metallicities of Fermi bubble clouds indicate dual origins in the disk and halo. 2022 NatAs, 6, 9682022NatAs…6..968A
Baan, W.A. et al.. H2O MegaMaser emission in NGC 4258 indicative of a periodic disc instability. 2022NatAs.tmp..146B2022NatAs…6..976B
Baczko, A.-K. et al. Ambilateral collimation study of the twin-jets in NGC1052. 2022 A&A 658, 1192022A&A…658A.119B
Barnum, T.J. et al.. A Search for Heterocycles in GOTHAM Observations of TMC-1. 2022 J.Ph.Chem 126, 27162022JPCA..126.2716B
Basu, A. et al. Properties of atomic hydrogen gas in the Galactic plane from THOR 21-cm absorption spectra: a comparison with the high latitude gas. 2022 MNRAS, 517, 50632022MNRAS.517.5063B
Beom, M. et al. SDSS IV MaNGA: characteristics of edge-on galaxies with a counter-rotating gaseous disc. 2022 MNRAS, 516, 31752022MNRAS.516.3175B
Chen, M. C.-Y. et al. Turbulence and Accretion: A High-resolution Study of the B5 Filaments. 2022 ApJ, 935, 572022ApJ…935…57C
Chen, X. et al. . The role of inner HI mass in regulating the scatter of the mass-metallicity relation. 2022 ApJ, 933, 392022ApJ…933…39C
Dzenis, K. et al. Collisional excitation and non-LTE modelling of interstellar chiral propylene oxide. 2022 ApJ, 926, 32022ApJ…926….3D
Feng, Y. et al. Frequency Dependent Polarization of Repeating Fast Radio Bursts — Implications for Their Origin. 2022 Science, 375, 12662022Sci…375.1266F
Franz, N. et al. The Breakthrough Listen Search for Intelligent Life: Technosignature Search of Transiting TESS Targets of Interest. 2022 AJ, 163, 1042022AJ….163..104F
Gajjar, V. et al. Searching for broadband pulsed beacons from 1883 stars using neural networks. 2022 ApJ, 932, 812022ApJ…932…81G
Galaz, G. et al. The giant low surface brightness galaxy Malin 1: new constraints for its molecular gas mass from GBT/ARGUS observations. 2022 ApJ, 940, 372022ApJ…940L..37G
Gautam, T. et al. The upgraded GMRT survey for pulsars in globular clusters. I: Discovery of a millisecond binary pulsar in NGC 6652. 2022 A&A 664, 542022A&A…664A..54G
Gomez, J.L. et al. Probing the innermost regions of AGN jets and their magnetic fields with RadioAstron. V. Space and ground millimeter-VLBI imaging of OJ 287. 2022 ApJ, 924, 1222022ApJ…924..122G
Greaves, J.S. & Mason, B. Single-dish 1 cm-band radio photometry of protoplanetary discs: few centimetre-sized dust grains?. 2022 MNRAS,513,31802022MNRAS.513.3180G
Hazboun, J.S. et al. Bayesian Solar Wind Modeling with Pulsar Timing Arrays. 2022 ApJ, 929, 392022ApJ…929…39H
Hincks, A.D. et al.. A high-resolution view of the filament of gas between Abell 399 and Abell 401 from the Atacama Cosmology Telescope and MUSTANG-2. 2022 MNRAS, 510, 33352022MNRAS.510.3335H
Ho, W.C.G. et al. Timing Six Energetic Rotation-powered X-Ray Pulsars, Including the Fast-spinning Young PSR J0058-7218 and Big Glitcher PSR J0537-6910. 2022 ApJ, 939, 72022ApJ…939….7H
Issaoun, S. et al. Resolving the inner parsec of the blazar J1924-2914 with the Event Horizon Telescope. 2022 ApJ, 934, 1452022ApJ…934..145I
Jones, M.G. et al. Young, Blue, and Isolated Stellar Systems in the Virgo Cluster. II. A New Class of Stellar System. 2022 ApJ, 935, 512022ApJ…935…51J
Jones, M.G. et al. Young, blue, and isolated stellar systems in the Virgo Cluster. II. A new class of stellar system. 2022 ApJ, 935, 512022ApJ…935…51J
Karunakaran, A. et al. HI Properties of Satellite Galaxies around Local Volume Hosts. 2022 MNRAS, 516, 17412022MNRAS.516.1741K
Keller, A. et al. A Model-Independent Radio Telescope Dark Matter Search. 2022 ApJ, 927, 712022ApJ…927…71K
Kulkarni, V.P. et al. Damped Ly-alpha Absorbers in Star-forming Galaxies at z < 0.15 Detected with the Hubble Space Telescope and Implications for Galaxy Evolution. 2022 ApJ 929, 1502022ApJ…929..150K
Ladeyshchikov, D. A et al. Search for Bright Masers in the Water Vapor Line towards the Dust Clumps of the Galaxy. 2022 Astro Rep, 66, 2782022ARep…66..278L
Lico, R. et al. . New jet feature in the parsec-scale jet of the blazar OJ287 connected to the 2017 teraelectronvolt flaring activity. 2022 A&A 658, 102022A&A…658L..10L
Lowe, I. et al. A Study of 90 GHz Dust Emissivity on Molecular Cloud and Filament Scales. 2022 ApJ, 292, 1022022ApJ…929..102L
Margules, L. et al. Submillimeter wave spectroscopy and astronomical search for 1-propanimine. 2022 A&A 663, 1322022A&A…663A.132M
Oh, J. et al. A persistent double nuclear structure in 3C 84. 2022 MNRAS, 509, 10242022MNRAS.509.1024O
Orlowski-Scherer, J. et al. GBT/MUSTANG-2 9″ resolution imaging of the SZ effect in MS0735.6+7421: Confirmation of the SZ Cavities through direct imaging. 2022 A&A, 667, 62022A&A…667L…6O
Paraschos, G. F. , et al. Jet kinematics in the transversely stratified jet of 3C 84 A two-decade overview. 2022 A&A 665, 12022A&A…665A…1P
Parent, E. et al. Discovery of 72 pulsars in the PALFA survey: Timing analysis, glitch activity, emission variability, and a pulsar in an eccentric binary. 2022 ApJ, 924, 1352022ApJ…924..135P
Perez, K.I. et al. Breakthrough Listen Search for the WOW! Signal. 2022 RNAAS, 6, 1972022RNAAS…6..197P
Pineda, J.E. et al. An Interferometric View of H-MM1. I. Direct Observation of NH3 Depletion. 2022 AJ, 163, 2942022AJ….163..294P
Powell, D.M. et al. A lensed radio jet at milli-arcsecond resolution I: Bayesian comparison of parametric lens models. 2022 MNRAS, 516, 18082022MNRAS.516.1808P
Ray, P.S. et al. Discovery, Timing, and Multiwavelength Observations of the Black Widow Millisecond Pulsar PSR J1555-2908. 2022 ApJ, 927, 2162022ApJ…927..216R
Reddy, V. et al. Apophis Planetary Defense Campaign. 2022 Planet Aci J.2022PSJ…..3..123R
Remijan, A. et al. Expanding the submillimeter wave spectroscopy and astronomical search for thioacetamide (CH3CSNH2) in the ISM. 2022 A&A, 658, 852022A&A…658A..85R
Ricci, L. et al. Exploring the disk-jet connection in NGC 315. 2022 A&A 664, 1662022A&A…664A.166R
Ridolfi, A. et al. TRAPUM discovery of thirteen new pulsars in NGC 1851 using MeerKAT. 2022 A&A, 664, 272022A&A…664A..27R
Roshi, D.A. et al. Arecibo-Green Bank-LOFAR Carbon Radio Recombination Line observations toward cold HI Clouds . 2022 ApJ, 925, 72022ApJ…925….7R
Sand, K.R. et al. Multiband Detection of Repeating FRB 20180916B. 2022 ApJ, 932, 9852022ApJ…932…98S
Sanz-Novo, M., et al. Laboratory detection and astronomical study of interstellar acetohydroxamic acid, a glycine isomer. 2022 A&A, 666, 1342022A&A…666A.134S
Siebert, M.A. et al. CH3-Terminated Carbon Chains in the GOTHAM Survey of TMC-1: Evidence of Interstellar CH3C7N. 2022 ApJ, 924, 212022ApJ…924…21S
Sita, ,M.L. et al. Discovery of Interstellar 2-Cyanoindene (2-C9H7CN) in GOTHAM Observations of TMC-1. 202 ApJ, 938, 122022ApJ…938L..12S
Sita, M.L. et al. Discovery of Interstellar 2-Cyanoindene (2-C9H7CN) in GOTHAM Observations of TMC-1. 2022 ApJ, 938L, 122022ApJ…938L..12S
Stinebring, D.R. A Scintillation Arc Survey of 22 Pulsars with Low to Moderate Dispersion Measures. 2022 ApJ, 941, 342022ApJ…941…34S
Suresh, A. et al. 4-8 GHz Fourier-domain Searches for Galactic Center Pulsars. 2022 ApJ, 933, 1212022ApJ…933..121S
Swihart, S.J. et al. A New Flaring Black Widow Candidate and Demographics of Black Widow Millisecond Pulsars in the Galactic Field. 2022 ApJ, 941, 1992022ApJ…941..199S
Syed, J. et al. The “Maggie” filament: Physical properties of a giant atomic cloud. 2022 A&A 657, 12022A&A…657A…1S
Taank, M. et al. Mapping the Thermal Condensation of Diffuse H I in the North Celestial Pole Loop. 2022 ApJ, 937, 812022ApJ…937…81T
Tusay, N. et al. A Search for Radio Technosignatures at the Solar Gravitational Lens Targeting Alpha Centauri. 2022 AJ, 164, 1162022AJ….164..116T
Tusay, N. et al. A Search for Radio Technosignatures at the Solar Gravitational Lens Targeting Alpha Centauri. 2022 AJ, 164, 1162022AJ….164..116T
Vleeschower, L. et al. Discoveries and Timing of Pulsars in NGC 6440. 2022 MNRAS, 513, 13862022MNRAS.513.1386V
Wahl, H.M. et al. The NANOGrav 12.5-Year Data Set: Polarimetry, Rotation Measures, and Galactic Magnetic Field Strengths from NANOGrav Observations with the Green Bank Telescope. 2022 ApJ, 926, 1682022ApJ…926..168W
Wolz, L. et al. HI constraints from the cross-correlation of eBOSS galaxies and Green Bank Telescope intensity maps. 2022 MNRAS, 510, 34952022MNRAS.510.3495W
Yang, J. et al. Is there a sub-parsec-scale jet base in the nearby dwarf galaxy NGC 4395?. 2022 MNRAS, 514, 62152022MNRAS.514.6215Y
Yu, Q. et al. On the H I Content of MaNGA Major Merger Pairs. 2022 ApJ, 934, 1142022ApJ…934..114Y
Zuo, P. et al. Massive Galaxy Mergers Have Distinctive Global H I Profiles. 2022 ApJ 929, 152022ApJ…929…15Z

2021 Publications

Author. (Date). Title. PublicationLink
Agar, C.H. et al. (2021). A broadband radio study of PSR J0250+5854: the slowest-spinning radio pulsar known. MNRAS, 508, 11022021MNRAS.508.1102A 
Agazie, G. et al. (2021). The Green Bank Northern Celestial Cap Pulsar Survey. VI. Timing and Discovery of PSR J1759+5036: A Double Neutron Star Binary Pulsar. ApJ, 922, 352021ApJ…922…35A 
Alam, Md. F. et al. (2021). The NANOGrav 12.5 yr Data Set: Observations and Narrowband Timing of 47 Millisecond Pulsars. ApJS, 252, 42021ApJS..252….4A 
Alam, Md. F. et al. (2021). The NANOGrav 12.5-year Data Set: Wideband Timing of 47 Millisecond Pulsars. ApJS, 252, 52021ApJS..252….5A 
Anderson, L.D. et al. (2021). The GBT Diffuse Ionized Gas Survey (GDIGS): Survey Overview and First Data Release. ApJS, 254, 282021ApJS..254…28A 
Andreon, S. et al. (2021). Thermodynamic evolution of the z=1.75 galaxy cluster IDCS J1426.5+3508. MNRAS 505, 58962021MNRAS.505.5896A 
Arzoumanian, Z. et al. (2021). The NANOGrav 11 yr Data Set: Limits on Supermassive Black Hole Binaries in Galaxies within 500 Mpc. ApJ, 914, 1212021ApJ…914..121A 
Arzoumanian, Z. et al. (2021). Searching For Gravitational Waves From Cosmological Phase Transitions With The NANOGrav 12.5-year dataset. PhRvL 127, 13022021PhRvL.127y1302A 
Arzoumanian, Z. et al. (2021). The NANOGrav 12.5-year data set: Search for Non-Einsteinian Polarization Modes in theGravitational-Wave Background. ApJ 923, 222021ApJ…923L..22A 
Athanasiadis, T.M. et al (2021). A Search for Pulsar Companions Around Low-Mass White Dwarfs. MNRAS, 505, 49812021MNRAS.505.4981A 
Bania, T.M. & Balser, D.S. (2021). Green Bank Telescope Observations of 3He+: Planetary Nebulae. ApJ, 910, 732021ApJ…910…73B 
Blumer, H. et al. (2021). Reactivation of the High Magnetic Field Pulsar PSR J1846-0258 with Magnetar-like Bursts. ApJ, 911L, 6 2021ApJ…911L…6B 
Boccardi, B. et al. (2021). Jet collimation in NGC 315 and other nearby AGN. A&A, 647, 672021A&A…647A..67B 
Burkhardt, A.M. et al (2021). Discovery of the Pure Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Indene (c-C9H8) with GOTHAM Observations of TMC-1. ApJ, 913, 182021ApJ…913L..18B 
Burkhardt, A.M., et al. (2021). Ubiquitous Aromatic Carbon Chemistry at the Earliest Stages of Star Formation. NatAs, 5, 1812021NatAs…5..181B 
Busch, M.P. et al. (2021). Observational Evidence for a Thick Disk of Dark Molecular Gas in the Outer Galaxy. ApJ, 914, 722021ApJ…914…72B 
Camilo, F. et al. (2021). Radio Detection of PSR J1813-1749 in HESS J1813-178: The Most Scattered Pulsar Known. ApJ, 917, 672021ApJ…917…67C 
Carlin, J.L et al. (2021). Hubble Space Telescope Observations of Two Faint Dwarf Satellites of Nearby LMC Analogs from MADCASH. ApJ, 909, 2112021ApJ…909..211C 
Casadio, C. et al. (2021). The jet collimation profile at high resolution in BL Lacertae. A&A, 649, 1532021A&A…649A.153C 
Cashman, F.H. et al. (2021). Molecular Gas within the Milky Way’s Nuclear Wind. ApJ 923L, 112021ApJ…923L..11C 
Chené, A. -N. et al. (2021). Assessing the stellar population and the environment of an HII region on the far side of the Galaxy. ApJ, 911, 912021ApJ…911…91C 
Choudhury, S. et al. (2021). Transition from Coherent Cores to Surrounding Cloud in L1688. A&A 648, 1142021A&A…648A.114C 
Cruces, M. et al. (2021). Repeating behaviour of FRB 121102: periodicity, waiting times and energy distribution. MNRAS, 500, 4482021MNRAS.500..448C 
Dicker, S.R. et al. (2021). Observations of compact sources in galaxy clusters using MUSTANG2. MNRAS, 508, 26002021MNRAS.508.2600D 
Dolch, T. et al. (2021). Deconvolving Pulsar Signals with Cyclic Spectroscopy: A Systematic Evaluation. ApJ, 913, 982021ApJ…913…98D 
Dupuy, A. et al. (2021). Toward Cosmicflows-4: The HI data catalog. A&A, 646, 1132021A&A…646A.113D 
EHT MLW:  Algaba, J. C. et al. (2021). Broadband Multi-wavelength Properties of M87 during the 2017 Event Horizon Telescope Campaign. ApJ, 911L, 112021ApJ…911L..11E 
Faber, J.T. et al (2021). Re-analysis of Breakthrough Listen Observations of FRB 121102: Polarization Properties of Eight New Spectrally Narrow Bursts. RNAAS, 5, 172021RNAAS…5…17F 
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Gajjar, V. et al (2021). The Breakthrough Listen Search For Intelligent Life Near the Galactic Center I. AJ, 162, 332021AJ….162…33G 
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Guo, Y.J. et al. (2021). PSR J2222–0137. I. Improved physical parameters for the system. A&A, 654A, 162021A&A…654A..16G 
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Hincks, A.D. et al. (2021). A high-resolution view of the filament of gas between Abell 399 and Abell 401 from the Atacama Cosmology Telescope and MUSTANG-2. MNRAS tmp2021MNRAS.tmp.3093H 
Issaoun, S. et al. (2021). Persistent Non-Gaussian Structure in the Image of Sagittarius A* at 86 GHz. ApJ, 915, 992021ApJ…915…99I 
Johnson, M.D. et al. (2021). First Space-VLBI Observations of Sagittarius A*. ApJ 922, 282021ApJ…922L..28J 
Jones, M.L. et al. (2021). Evaluating Low-frequency Pulsar Observations to Monitor Dispersion with the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope.  ApJ, 915, 152021ApJ…915…15J 
Kanekar, N, et al. (2021). The Atomic Gas Mass of Green Pea Galaxies. ApJ, 913, 152021ApJ…913L..15K 
Koch, E.W. et al. (2021). A lack of constraints on the cold opaque H I mass: H I spectra in M31 and M33 prefer multicomponent models over a single cold opaque component. MNRAS, 504, 18012021MNRAS.504.1801K 
Kramer, M. et al. (2021). Strong-field Gravity Tests with the Double Pulsar. PhRvX 11, 10502021PhRvX..11d1050K 
Langer, W.D. et al. (2021). The Dense Warm Ionized Medium in the Inner Galaxy. A&A, 651, 592021A&A…651A..59L 
Lee, K.L.K. et al (2021). Discovery of Interstellar trans-cyanovinylacetylene (HCCCH=CCHCN) and vinylcyanoacetylene (H2C=CHC3N) in GOTHAM Observations of TMC-1. ApJ, 908L, 112021ApJ…908L..11L 
Lee, K.L.K. et al. (2021). Interstellar Detection of 2-Cyanocyclopentadiene, C5H5CN, a Second Five-Membered Ring Toward TMC-1. ApJL, 910, 22021ApJ…910L…2K 
Lin, F.X. et al.  (2021). Profile changes associated with DM events in PSR J1713+0747. MNRAS, 508, 11152021MNRAS.508.1115L 
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Marchal, A. et al.  (2021). Resolving the Formation of Cold H i Filaments in the High-velocity Cloud Complex C. ApJ, 921, 112021ApJ…921…11M 
Margot, J.-L. et al (2021). A Search for Technosignatures Around 31 Sun-like Stars with the Green Bank Telescope at 1.15-1.73 GHz. AJ, 161, 552021AJ….161…55M 
Margot, J.-L. et al (2021). Spin state and moment of inertia of Venus. NatAs, 5, 6762021NatAs.tmp…74M 
McCarthy, M.C. & McGuire, B.A. (2021). Aromatics and Cyclic Molecules in Molecular Clouds: A New Dimension of Interstellar Organic Chemistry. JPCA, 125, 32312021JPCA..125.3231M 
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