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In response to the health concerns posed by the coronavirus COVID-19, the Green Bank Observatory will postpone several public programs and events and reduce the visitor programs on site.

Programs and events affected have been removed from our Events calendar and notifications have been added to specific program and event web pages.

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We offer everything from pulsar searches to short courses in astronomy.
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The Green Bank Observatory has special programs for almost everyone! Programs for students as young as third grade, all the way through graduate school.

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Educational Resources

Check out a list of great educational resources at this page.

The WorldWide Telescope is an online tool for visualizing the cosmos. It’s not a physical telescope, it’s a suite of free and open source software and data sets that combine to create stunning scientific visualizations and stories.

Do you like playing with data to find interesting trends? Check out “Glue!” Glue is an open-source Python library to explore relationships within and between related datasets. From astronomy, to data science, to medicine — Glue is useful across disciplines!