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The Green Bank Observatory Brand and Logo

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The brand of the Green Bank Observatory what sets us apart in the world of radio astronomy – it is what is presented to scientists, advocates, partners, and radio astronomy enthusiasts around the world. It is more than just the logo used to represent the Observatory, it is a recognition of history, education, and excellence in scientific research and discovery. Whenever the Green Bank Observatory name appears in public, the brand is at work, therefore it is critical that the brand is protected.


One of the key elements of the Green Bank Observatory brand is the logo. The logo can be used by employees of the Observatory in documentation, marketing, and materials that support the mission and vision of the Observatory.

The logo can be used as a link to the Observatory website or acknowledge Observatory assistance or affiliation.

Who Cannot Use the Logo?

The Observatory logo cannot be used in a manner that falsely implies employment by or affiliation with Green Bank Observatory. The Observatory logo cannot be used to imply or endorse a product or service.

Do I Need Permission to Use the Logo?

No explicit permission is necessary to use the Green Bank Observatory logo.

Logo Versions and Use

Standard Logo Versions

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is a text-based graphics language that describes images with vector shapes, text, and embedded raster graphics, this makes them ideal for print or for web use; Portable Network Graphic (PNG) or Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) are for web or presentations. All SVG and PNG files have transparent backgrounds, unlike JPEG which have a solid white background. All Standard logos include the icon and logotype incorporated together. For all logos below, you may right-click to download and save the file formats.

Be sure to follow the Green Bank Observatory Brand Guidelines for all logos and logo use.

Green Bank Observatory Brand guidelines (PDF, right click to download)

Standard Logo VersionFormat
Purple and green gradient logo SVGPNGJPEG
Solid Green logo SVGPNGJPEG
Solid Purple logo SVGPNGJPEG
White logo (for use on dark background only) SVGPNG
Vertical logo – Purple and green gradientSVGPNGJPEG
Vertical logo – Solid GreenSVGPNGJPEG
Vertical logo – Solid PurpleSVGPNGJPEG
Vertical logo – BlackSVGPNGJPEG
Vertical logo – White (for use on a dark background only)SVGPNG

On occasion, you may need to use a grouping of logos that include our supporting and managing organizations (National Science Foundation and Associated Universities, Inc.). Select the version below that will work for your use:

Logo VersionFormat
NSF, AUI, GBO – Horizontal, colorPNGJPEG
NSF, AUI, GBO – Horizontal, black & whitePNGJPEG
NSF, AUI, GBO – Vertical, colorPNGJPEG
NSF, AUI, GBO – Vertical, black & whitePNGJPEG
NSF, AUI, GBO – Triangle, colorPNGJPEG
NSF, AUI, GBO – Triangle, black & whitePNGJPEG

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