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Mission Statement

Green Bank Observatory enables leading edge research at radio wavelengths by offering telescope, facility and advanced instrumentation access to the astronomy community as well as to other basic and applied research communities. With radio astronomy as its foundation, the Green Bank Observatory is a world leader in advancing research, innovation, and education.

Our Facility

The first trailblazers of American radio astronomy called Green Bank Observatory home over 60 years ago. Today, their legacy is alive and well. Nestled in the mountain ranges and farmland of West Virginia, within the National Quiet Zone, radio astronomers are listening to the remote whispers of the universe, in order to discover answers to our most astounding astronomical questions.

Download a PDF of our 2024 Green Bank Observatory booklet.

Specifically, the Green Bank Observatory:

  • provides state-of-the-art telescopes, instrumentation and expertise
  • trains the next generation of scientists, engineers, and technicians;
  • promotes science, technology and engineering to foster a more scientifically literate society;
  • provides the tools and facilities to advance science and technology nationally and internationally.

Our Vision: we are here …

To Discover.

We are here to discover… black holes, stellar birth, pulsars, hubble constant, big bang energy, universe expansion, and the origins of life.

To See the Unseen.

We are here to harness the power of radio waves to explore astronomy.

To Foster Innovation and Curiosity.

We are here to escape from the noise and learn, share, teach.
We are on the pursuit of knowledge.

… and talk about Einsteins General Theory of Relativity, too.

To Educate.

We are here to encourage your sense of wonder for the unknown beyond our planet.

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