The Green Bank Telescope Snaps New Hot Photos of the Moon

high resolution image of the moon. MUSTANG image
Portion of the high resolution image of the Moon surface made by the MUSTANG-2 radio camera.

This unusual view of the Moon, made with the Green Bank Telescope (GBT), shows the glow from the Moon’s heat revealing features undetectable to an ordinary telescope that sees only reflected light.

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NSF Record of Decision on Green Bank Observatory – Continued Operations for Science and Education

Green Bank Observatory Director Karen O’Neil announced today that the Observatory will continue to operate as one of the premiere radio telescope observatories in the world under the most recent National Science Foundation (NSF) Record of Decision (ROD).


Green Bank Observer – Summer 2019

From the Director


NSF Awards Grant to Create New Technology for Radio Astronomy While Training First-Generation College Students

Luke Hawkins and Satori Chin inspect a circuit board
GBO Digital Engineer Luke Hawkins and Allegheny College computer science major Satori Chin inspect a circuit board to be used in the NSF grant award project. (NSF/AUI/GBO)

Largest Data Set in the History of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Released to The Public

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