The Observer – Special AAS 235 Edition

Note from the Director

By the time this newsletter reaches publication, we will have entered into the 2020’s, and will likewise have marked the 6th decade of radio astronomy and education programs here in Green Bank, West Virginia.

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Green Bank Observatory Offers Employment Training with Generation West Virginia

photo of team installing the MUSTANG 2 receiver on the Green Bank Telescope
The Observatory offers many types of opportunities for employment, from training through Impact Fellowships, to other apprenticeship, internship, and co-op programs, as well as part-time and full-time job opportunities. (GBO/AUI/NSF)
More about opportunities at gbo

Congresswoman Miller to Tour Green Bank Observatory

Congresswoman Carol Miller, representing the 3rd District of West Virginia, will tour the Green Bank Observatory and will host a roundtable discussion here in Pocahontas County.


Dr. Brett McGuire: 1 of the Top 10 Scientists, According to Science News

Photo courtesy of B. McGuire. NRAO/AUI/NSF

Science News has added Dr. Brett McGuire to their list of 10 early- and mid-career “Scientists to Watch”. Using the Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope, Dr. McGuire confirmed the presence of benzonitrile in a dark cloud of the Milky Way.

Read more on the Science News web site.

NO SIGNAL: Growing Up in Green Bank, West Virginia

Green Bank Telescope (foreground) and 140 Foot Telescope. (GBO/AUI/NSF)

I tend to speak about my origins as if I was from a foreign country, and not from rural West Virginia.

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