Green Bank Sustainable Living Guide

Green Bank Observatory Sustainability Committee

The Green Bank Observatory employees established a sustainability committee in late 2020 to develop new initiatives for local residents to improve their environment and their lives.

2021 Tree Planting on Green Bank Observatoy campus – photos coming soon!

2021 Pocahontas County Convention & Visitors Bureau Road Clean-up in Green Bank – photos coming soon!

Earth Day

Wild and Wonderful Earth Day state level celebration and schedule for 2021

The West Virginia SPOT program (Science Public Outreach Team) has several presentations that focus on Earth science. Learn more and see upcoming dates here.

Local Food

Green Bank Farmer’s Market, Wednesdays 3-6pm Senior Center parking lot

Pocahontas County Farmer’s Market

Trent’s General Store sell locally sourced products in season, and everything else you need

Frostmore Farms produce and sell maple syrup

Grow Appalachia (High Rocks West Virginia site) garden planning resources

Allegheny Mountain Institute free virtual workshops, in person workshops and events for a fee, farmer’s market and CSAs

Highland County (Virginia) Farmers Market

Horse manure for gardening and composting $10/load, Ashley Sheets

Eggs can be purchased locally from several individuals, including Elaine Sheets


Recycling can be dropped off at the Green Box waste collection area in Green Bank which accepts cardboard boxes, office paper, newspapers, magazines, and plastics #1 and #2 from Wednesdays and Saturdays 8am-5pm and Sundays from 1pm – 4pm

The Pocahontas County Landfill accepts white goods, electronics, and tires and is open Monday – Friday 8am-4pm

Elkins Metal Recycling (1404 15th Street, Elkins 26241) accepts aluminum, steel, white paper, magazines, cardboard, and plastics #1 and #2

Recycling can be dropped off at bins located in the Walmart and Kroger parking lots in Elkins, WV

GBT@20 Data Image Contest Winners Announced

We are very excited to announce the winners to our GBT@20 contest, using actual GBT data to create images!

First Place: Annika Kreikenbohm, a still from a 3D mapping/animation of the maser disk in galaxy NGC 1194, culminating from 7 years of data.

Second Place: Kat Barger, a still from a3D mapping/animation of Complex A, a high velocity gas cloud, and its Hydrogen gas distribution that rotates through position and velocity maps.

Third Place: Preet Agnihotri, with GBT data adapted into a composite image and sonification.

Honorable Mention: Preet Agnihotri, with more GBT data adapted into a composite image and sonification.

Honorable Mention: A composite image created by Emily Moravec.

Honorable Mention: Jeremy Thorley, who produced a 3D printed lamp using GBT data and Observatory logo.

“Don’t give up, it will happen.” Virtual Workshop Celebrates the 20th Anniversary of the Green Bank Telescope

Just over twenty years ago, in the summer of the year 2000, the National Science Foundation’s Green Bank Telescope (GBT) was dedicated for service. Taller than the Statue of Liberty, with a dish that can hold two football fields, the GBT remains the largest fully steerable radio telescope in the world. To celebrate the creation of such a colossal instrument, and the scientific research made possible, the Observatory will be holding a special virtual workshop April 21st to 22nd, GBT@20: Twenty Years of Innovation and Discovery.

Construction of the unprecedented design of the Green Bank Telescope took ten years. NSF/NRAO