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Green Bank Observatory Community Zoom

The Observatory has been sharing news and information about its operations and science in bi-weekly Zoom meetings every other Wednesday at 1 pm ET (except where noted). The recordings are linked below, and include a description of topics and presenters in the recording descriptions.

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Upcoming Community Zooms

November 24 – Thanksgiving Break

December 8 – Elenora Bianchi (Univ. Grenoble) The early stages of Solar-type protostars: the missing evidence of large carbon chains

December 22 – Haley Wahl (WVU) The NANOGrav 12.5-Year Data Set: Polarimetry and Faraday Rotation Measures from Observations of Millisecond Pulsars with the Green Bank Telescope

Recordings – Please note, most recent webinars appear first:

November 17 (Special Edition) – Jim Jackson (Green Bank Observatory) GBO’s Response to the Recent Decadal Survey

November 10 – D. J. Pisano (West Virginia University) Towards an understanding of the Circumgalactic Medium of Andromeda

October 27 – Amanda Kepley (NRAO) Observing the Dense Molecular Gas Fueling Star Formation in Nearby Galaxies (abstract in video description)

October 13 – Dave Frayer (GBO) GBT Observations of Gas in Luminous Infrared Galaxies (abstract in video description)

September 29 – Steve Croft (UC Berkeley) Breakthrough Listen on GBT: How the World’s Biggest Steerable Dish is Engaging in the World’s Biggest SETI Program

September 15 – Emmanuel Fonseca (West Virginia University) Measuring the Radius of a High-Mass Neutron Star with Radio and X-ray Observations

September 1 – Charles Romero (GBO) Insights into Thermodynamic Evolution of Galaxy Clusters

August 18 – Michael Busch (Johns Hopkins University) Revealing the Galactic Distribution of Dark H2 with GBT Observations of Faint OH Emission

August 4 – Nissim Kanekar (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research) Fuelling Starbursts: HI in Green Pea galaxies

July 21 – Jaime E. Pineda (Max-Planck-Institut für extraterrestrische Physik) The ion-neutral connection in Dense Cores

July 7 – Marina Brozovic, (JPL) Bistatic radar observations of NEOs with Goldstone and the GBT

Jun 23 – Trey Wenger (DRAO) Galactic HII Regions and Structure in the Milky Way

Jun 9 – Sara Issaoun (Radboud University) The Size, Shape, and Scattering of Sagittarius A*

May 26 – Natalie Butterfield (Green Bank Observatory) Dense Molecular Gas in the Galactic Bar

May 12 – Helene Courtois (University of Lyon) Cosmic-Flows in Green Bank : Discovery of Laniakea and Beyond

April 28 – Laura Wolz (Manchester University) – HI constraints from the cross-correlation of eBOSS galaxies and Green Bank Telescope intensity maps

April 14 – Amy Sardone (Ohio State University) Quantifying the diffuse HI around 18 MHONGOOSE galaxies

March 31 – Jean-Luc Margot (UCLA) Spin state and moment of inertia of Venus

March 17 – Brett McGuire (MIT) An update from the GOTHAM Large Project: New molecules and new chemistry at the earliest stages of star-formation

March 3 (PDF presentation) – Charles Romero (Green Bank Observatory) Insights into Intracluster Medium Physics from MUSTANG-2

February, 17 – Kristine Spekkens (Royal Military College of Canada; Queen’s University) HI in Ultra Diffuse Galaxies to Probe their Origins

February 3 – Tom Bania (Boston University) GBT Observations of 3He+: Planetary Nebulae

January 20 – Kat Barger (Texas Christian University) Hydrodynamic Instabilities along the Infalling High-velocity Cloud Complex A

January 6 – Jesse Bublitz, Will Armentrout, Pedro Salas, Ryan Lynch; GBO Staff Presentations at the AAS meeting

Please note, latest calls appear first:

December 16 – Megan DeCesar (George Mason Univ; US Naval Research Lab.); Using the GBT for Gravitational Wave Searches with Pulsar Timing Arrays

December 2 – Dom Pesce (Harvard-Smithsonian Cntr. for Astrophysics); A geometric measurement of H0 by the Megamaser Cosmology Project

November 18 – Joseph Simon (University of Colorado, Boulder); The search for a stochastic gravitational wave background in NANOGrav?s pulsar timing data

November 4 – Adam Ginsburg (University of Florida); A GBT MUSTANG-2 Survey of the Galactic Plane: HII regions and dust

October 21 – Rachel Friesen (University of Toronto); Understanding the evolution of star-forming cores and filaments with GAS

October 7 – Enrico Di Teodoro (Johns Hopkins University); GBT Science: Gas Clouds Entrained in the Milky Way’s Nuclear Wind

September 23 – Ryan Lynch (Green Bank Observatory); Recent Results from the NANOGrav Pulsar Timing Array

September 9 – Brian Mason (NRAO); Long Wavelength measurements of Interstellar Dust in Orion

August 26 – Loren Anderson (West Virginia University); Ionized Gas in the Galactic Midplane

August 12 – Karen Masters (Haverford College); HI-MaNGA: HI Followup for the MaNGA Galaxy Survey with GBT

July 29 – H. Thankful Cromartie (University of Virginia); Recent Relativistic Shapiro Delay Observations with the GBT

July 15 – Brian Svobda (NRAO); Towards a multi-scale view of dense gas in the Milky Way

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