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Milky Way’s Defensive Halo Blocks Incoming Gas Cloud

Composite image created by Kat Barger, with GBT data represented in orange, using the Milky Way Panorama in the background (background image credit ESO/S. Brunier.)

How are galaxies able to keep forming stars and planets? Astronomers from Texas Christian University are using the Green Bank Telescope to reveal more about this process, studying high-velocity clouds that are being pulled into our Milky Way galaxy by its gravitational pull.


Science Newsletter AAS 237 Edition

The Green Bank Observatory at AAS 237

For the January 2021 meeting there are approximately 47 presentations, sessions, iPosters, and press conferences featuring Green Bank Telescope data, Green Bank Observatory staff, partner organizations, and REU summer students. This list is evolving as the full breadth of meeting items that mention the Green Bank Telescope (GBT) and the Green Bank Observatory are brought to our attention. 

View a PDF of the list here.  We’re using the #AAS237 hashtag on our Twitter @GreenBankObserv to share all of our conference news and resources – be sure to follow along!


Green Bank Observatory Call for Proposals: 2021B Semester

The Green Bank Observatory (GBO) invites scientists to participate in the 2021B Semester Call for Proposals for the Green Bank Telescope (GBT). The entire proposal call can be found on this page. The submission deadline for Semester 2021B proposals is Monday, 1 February 2021, at 17:00 EDT (22:00 UTC).

All proposals should state why the GBT is necessary for the requested observations in both the abstract and science justification.


GBT@20 – The Celebration

Twenty Years of Innovation and Discovery

First light – that moment when a telescope starts taking observations – is always an exciting day, and for the Green Bank Telescope that day was August 22, 2000. Right away, the Green Bank Telescope (GBT) started observing planets (Venus on March 24, 2001) and pulsars, and to this day, continues to produce exceptional scientific data and results.