Alyssa Goodman, Drake Lecture Award Winner

Award honoring legacy of Frank Drake returns April 23rd to Green Bank Observatory

Alyssa Goodman receives the Drake Lecture Award from GBO Director Jim Jackson. The base of the award was crafted in the GBO machine shop, and the ceramic jug was made by local West Virginia artist Alison Flegel.

Watch a recording of this lecture here.


Are we alone? New grant supports citizen science searching for intelligent life with the GBT

Photo by Jee Seymour.

The Planetary Society has awarded nearly $50,000 to UCLA Professor Jean-Luc Margot for a new citizen science project using the Green Bank Telescope (GBT), “Are We Alone? A Citizen-Science-Enabled Search for Technosignatures.”


Orion rising over GBT (taken by WV photographer) is NASA’s Astronomy Photo of the Day

Photo by Dave Green

West Virginia photographer Dave Green created the amazing astrophotography image seen above, which shows the constellations of Barnard’s Loop, the Horsehead, Lambda Orionis, and more above the GBT.


Observatory Scientists Share Latest Research

Our scientists are in demand! Several are being featured on podcasts and other digital media.


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