GBO Science Newsletter – #AAS242 Edition

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Children of GBO Staff Among Recipients of 2023 AUI Scholarship 


GBT Will Receive Simulated Message from Extraterrestrial Intelligence

A Sign in Space imagines how Earth might respond to a signal from aliens and invites the public to help decode an ET message.

Image credit Dave Green

West Virginia, Green Bank Observatory, Revitalize Workforce Through Apprenticeships

More and more students are turning away from college and toward apprenticeships.

Machinist apprentice Priscilla Grimes operates a lathe in the Mechanical Division of the Green Bank Observatory. The Green Bank apprenticeship program was developed by the Robert C. Byrd Institute at Marshall University to assist the observatory in passing on the skills of experienced employees to a new generation of workers.

Today, the nation’s colleges and universities enroll about 15 million undergraduate students, while companies employ about 800,000 apprentices. But federal data shows that in the past decade college enrollment has declined by about 15 percent, while the number of apprentices has increased by more than 50 percent.


The Astrophotography of West Virginia’s Dave Green

“I’m a coal miner… with a camera.”

Story and photos by Dave Green

The 45-foot telescope, photo credit Dave Green.