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GBT@20 – The Celebration

Twenty Years of Innovation and Discovery

First light – that moment when a telescope starts taking observations – is always an exciting day, and for the Green Bank Telescope that day was August 22, 2000. Right away, the Green Bank Telescope (GBT) started observing planets (Venus on March 24, 2001) and pulsars, and to this day, continues to produce exceptional scientific data and results.

To celebrate this event, we are organizing a conference and virtual meeting. We are pulling together recollections, interviews, and stories from the people who were there, and are sharing all of these on our web site.


Watch interviews with scientists, engineers, and key staff who were instrumental with the development and construction of the GBT.

The “Go-getter Maverick” George Seilestad

Post Doc to Project Manager Mark McKinnon

Image Contest

As part of our celebration, we are inviting all interested parties to submit data-based visuals including but not limited to:

  • radio/composite emission images,
  • animations,
  • data visualizations, or
  • 3D models

Images and video should contain and showcase radio data obtained with the Green Bank Telescope. In addition to the GBT data, images can display other multi-wavelength data as well. Read the official contest rules before submitting images or video.

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Save the Date, April 21 – 22, 2021