West Virginia Governor’s STEM Institute

The Green Bank Observatory session of the WVGSI will be held July 7-20, 2024 for rising ninth graders. We promise a challenging and fun experience in which YOU will be engaged in conducting astronomical research using the 40 Foot radio telescope! You will have the opportunity to make new friends from around the state, and network with undergraduate students, teachers, and scientists.

GSI Activities

GSI Activities fall into 3 main categories:


The sky is the limit! Join undergraduate STEM students in a variety of activities and discussions. You pick from several choices each day. What interests you?

Directed Studies

Dig a little deeper into STEM fields with 3-day activity series exploring STEM topics! We rotate all Govies through 3 Directed Studies.

Research Time

You will work in a small team to conduct research using a 40 Foot Radio Telescope.

Teachers, undergrads, and GBO scientists will advise you but the project is yours!

Example of daily routine

GSI Schedule

Our GSI motto is Carpe Diem, or Seize the Day! We will not be handing you a two-week schedule of activities over your stay at the Green Bank Observatory. You’ll find out what you need to know each morning of camp. On most days, we do follow a similar schedule that looks like the snapshot on the left. Please note that collecting data at the telescope can happen day or night, and is not shown on this example!

Keeping in touch: Letters, post cards and care packages are welcome, and can be sent to WVGSI, Green Bank Observatory, PO Box 2, 155 Observatory Road, Green Bank, WV 24944.