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Please note: this screening is for special “behind-the-scenes” tours only.

Green Bank Observatory telescopes use advanced technology, much of which is developed and integrated in our own laboratories. Some of this technology is restricted or export-controlled by the federal government. In certain special tours, including the ‘high tech’ and SETI tours, we take visitors into lab and fabrication spaces where such controlled technology may be on display. In compliance with government regulations, we screen public visitors over the age of eighteen (18) at least two business days in advance of such a tour. Participation in such screening is required as a condition of going on the tour.

Please note that this screening does not apply to routine tours, such as the daily Guided Bus Tours.

You can find the form at:

Prospective participants (over the age of 18) will be asked to provide their:

First name
Middle initial
Last name
Date of Birth
Place of Residence (city, state)
Country of Citizenship
“Green Card” status if foreign national residing in the United States

This information will be screened via a commercial export compliance software system that connects to government-generated lists of individuals and nationalities who are not permitted access to controlled technology. Green Bank Observatory will inform, as soon as possible, any prospective participant who is denied access to the tour by this screening process. All screened and approved individuals over the age of 18 will be required to confirm their identities via a government-issued photo ID at the time of the tour.

Please call 304-456-2150 for more information.