Ultra Wide-band Feed Summer Internship for Early Undergraduate Students

Green Bank Observatory. August 1-14. Open to rising freshmen and sophomores. Availability: 10 students and 2 mentors

The Green Bank Observatory is building an innovative receiver that will dramatically improve the Green Bank Telescope for low frequency research. A key problem to be solved in order to make this new technology work is Radio Frequency Interference, or RFI. The Green Bank Telescope is the world’s largest fully steerable dish, and as such is incredibly sensitive; to signals from the Universe and to unwanted signals from earth-based technologies. Interns will be directly contributing to the development of this new cutting edge receiver, by characterizing radio frequency interference for future machine learning algorithms.

We are seeking rising college freshmen and sophomores and particularly welcome first generation students to apply. This opportunity is available to students in and outside of WV and will likely be virtual this summer. Students can earn a $600 stipend for participating.

We are offering this opportunity in conjunction with the First2 Network. Select Green Bank Observatory in your application!