COVID-19 Safety Operations

The Green Bank Science Center is open to pre-registered visitors only. Learn more and pre-register here.

Take a FREE self-guided walking tour on site. Hiking and biking are welcome. An observation deck to view the Green Bank Telescope is located in the Jansky Lab parking lot. You can download and print a map for a self guided walking tour here.

Learn more about biking onsite here.

Visit the Galaxy Gift Shop online.

Try these educational resources and activities at home.

Our instruments are extremely sensitive, and many operate 24-hours a day. Smart phones, digital cameras, fitness trackers, and other electronic devices can interfere with observations. Our scientists thank you for leaving these powered off in your vehicle!

Educational groups scheduled for visits and programs in 2022 that are affected by our current operations will be contacted directly. Virtual visits are being offered for groups, learn more here. If you have questions, please contact our Education staff directly at gro.y1665157008rotav1665157008resbo1665157008bg@sn1665157008oitav1665157008reser1665157008.

As these operations continue to evolve, please check back for updates.