Ozma At 60

In response to the health threat posed by the coronavirus COVID-19, the Green Bank Observatory is adopting travel restrictions that force us to postpone the Ozma at 60 workshop. It will be rescheduled for a later date.

In the spring of 1960, Dr. Frank Drake used a radio telescope at the Green Bank Observatory to search for radio signals from intelligent beings around two nearby stars. In honor of the 60th anniversary of this search for technosignatures — Project Ozma — and Drake’s 90th birthday, there will be a workshop at the Green Bank Observatory to discuss past, present and future efforts in this field. Although the main focus will be on radio searches, there will be ample time to discuss work in other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum.

All workshop participants will be housed on or near the Observatory. Housing costs, as well as all meals, will be covered by the registration fee, which will probably be around $425.

More detailed information will be available in the coming weeks.

Scientific Organizing Committee

  • Frank Drake (SETI Institute)
  • Nadia Drake (Science Reporter)
  • Sue Ann Heatherly (GBO)
  • Jay Lockman (GBO)
  • Jean-Luc Margot (UCLA)
  • Andrew Siemion (U. Cal. Berkeley)
  • Jill Tarter (SETI Institute)
  • Dan Werthimer (U. Cal. Berkeley)
  • Jason Wright (Penn. State Univ.)
  • Shelley Wright (Univ. Cal. San Diego)

We will contact you as Workshop plans develop.