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The following program may be subject to change.

DayStart TimeTopicSpeaker(s)
Saturday, 20 July07:30Bus leaves IAD Marriott Hotel for Green Bank
10:00Registration in Residence Hall
12:00Lunch in the Cafeteria
13:00Session 1: Blumberg, Astrobiology, and The Green Bank Observatory
Opening: Welcome and Administrative matters Adam Cohen, Karen O’Neil, Jay Lockman
Barry Blumberg and Astrobiology Carl Pilcher
Blumberg and the value of research in astrobiology Martine Rothblatt
Green Bank: Birthplace of Modern SETI Ken Kellermann
15:00Coffee & Group Photo
15:15Session 2: Overview
Is there a Universal Biology? Lynn Rothschild
History, Discovery, Analogy:
The Impact of Discovering Life Beyond Earth
Steven Dick
The Origin of the MoonRick Carlson
Flash Talks
17:30Drinks in the Drake Lounge and Dinner in the Cafeteria
19:00Evening Lecture in the Science Center
Our Future in Space: From the Moon to ExoplanetsChris Impey
20:30 Discussion in the Drake Lounge
Sunday, 21 July08:00Breakfast in the Cafeteria
09:00Session 3: Planets & Life
Exoplanets in the Milky Way – results from KeplerJessie Christiansen
Habitable ZonesJim Kasting
Concepts of LifeKelly Smith
Life in the Solar SystemJennifer Macalady
Humans + Other Life = TroubleKathryn Denning
Session 4: Chemistry near and far
Organic Molecules in Space Sun Kwok
Organic Molecules on Titan: from Cassini to ALMAMartin Cordiner
13:00Lunch in the Cafeteria
14:00Session 5: Planet Formation
Chemistry in Pre-Planetary DisksTed Bergin
Giant Impacts and the Composition of Extrasolar Planetesimals Alycia Weinberger
Theoretical Models for Planet FormationJohn Chambers
Searches for Habitable PlanetsJason Wright
15:45Session 6: Finding Planets
Transit Surveys for Habitable PlanetsAngie Wolfgang
Imaging Habitable PlanetsRuslan Belikov
Habitability of Proxima Centuri BMeridith MacGregor
Panel: Searching for Habitable Planets
Moonshots and Earthshots in the Search for Habitable PlanetsBelikov, Boss, Weinberger
17:30Drinks in the Drake Lounge and Dinner in the Cafeteria
19:00Session 7: SETI
Panel: SETI
SETI: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: Moonshots and EarthshotsBerea, Charbonneau, F. Drake, Kellermann, Siemion
20:30Discussion continues in the Drake Lounge
Monday, 22 July08:00Breakfast in the Cafeteria
08:30Tour of the Green Bank and Tatel Telescopes
10:15Panel: Chemistry
From Interstellar Chemistry to Planetary ChemistryGupta, Langston, Kwok, Bergin
11:15Session 8: Perspectives from the Social Sciences and Humanities
Astrotheology and AstrobiologyTed Peters
Cognitive Planetary Transitions: An Astrobiological Perspective on the “Sapiezoic Eon” David Grinspoon
Concept of Intrinsic Value for Planetary Protection EthicsJames Schwartz
Panel: Popular Astrobiology
Astrobiology in the popular imaginationTarter, Schwartz, N. Drake, Dick
13:00Lunch in the cafeteria
14:00Session 9: Planets and life
Radio Emission from the PlanetsJoe Lazio
Cometary AstrobiologyStefanie Milam
Exo-cometsBarry Walsh
Life in Extreme EnvironmentsPenny Boston
Planetary ProtectionCassie Conley
16:00Session 10: Neuroscience, Communication and Intelligence
COGITO in Space: Exo-neurobiology and SETIDaniela De Paulis
For All Kind: Astrobiology Beyond “Mankind”Michael Oman-Reagan
Emergence of Communication in Biological and Social NetworksAnnamaria Berea
Is Human-like Intelligence a Convergent Feature of Evolution?Charley Lineweaver
17:30Drinks in the Drake Lounge and dinner in the cafeteria
19:00Panel: Life and Responsibility
Life Here vs. Life There: Ethical, Moral, Legal Issues in Astrobiology Mancinelli, Tatel, Smith, Conley
20:30Discussion continues in the Drake Lounge
Tuesday, 23 July08:00Breakfast in the Cafeteria
09:00Session 11: Earthshots & Moonshots
Technologies for future exploration Dan Wertheimer
Astrometric Exoplanet SearchesAlan Boss
TESS and JWST – Prospects for AstrobiologyNatasha Batalha
The Exo-Life FinderJeff Kuhn
11:20Panel: What’s Next
What’s Next: Astrobiology’s Current and Future Big questionsBerea, Boston, Denning, Grinspoon,
Pilcher, Rothblatt, Rothschild
12:20Lunch in the Cafeteria
13:00Bus leaves for IAD
17:00Dinner in the Cafeteria
Wednesday, 24 July08:00Breakfast in the Cafeteria
09:00Bus leaves for IAD