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Meetings and Workshops

Below is a list providing links to various scientific meetings and workshops held at and sponsored by the Green Bank Observatory. More information on our annual schools and training workshops can be found at on our single dish training and observer training workshops pages.

The annual undergraduate training workshops do not have individual web pages.

Green Bank Observatory student training opportunities are listed on the student opportunities page. Annual camps and programs run by the education division, such as PING, INCLUDES, Governor’s Science Institute, Pulsar Search Collaboratory, SPOT, Chatauqua, etc. are found on the education website. Educational Research in Radio Astronomy (ERIRA) workshop and information is found on their home page. Society for Amateur Radio Astronomers (SARA) meeting information is available at radio-astronomy.org and Green Bank StarQuest meeting information is at greenbankstarquest.org

GBT Special Session at AAS, January 9 (2-3:30 pm CT)

GBT Training Workshop (Virtual), February 6-8

Single Dish Summer School, June 23-29

  • Breakthrough Listen North American Community Workshop – October 2016 (no link)


  • Fifth NAIC – NRAO Single Dish Summer School – July 2009 (Held at Arecibo Observatory; No link)






  • Second NAIC – NRAO Single Dish Summer School – July 2003 (No link)



  • First NAIC – NRAO Single Dish Summer School – July 2001 (Held at Arecibo Observatory; No link)

2000 and before (incomplete)

  • 30 Years of Discovery, the 140 Foot Telescope – September, 1995