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The GBT L1544 Unbiased Complex Organics SurvEy (GLUCOSE)

A high spectral and spacial sensitivity line survey will be carried out toward the prestellar core L1544 in the chemically rich Q-band (38-48.2 GHz), which has never before been attempted. Within the band are numerous energetically favorable complex organic molecule (COM) transitions compared to those in other surveys at higher frequency (i.e., the 3mm band), which will help us constrain excitation temperatures and abundances. We also predict the detection of several molecules never before observed in prestellar cores. Because L1544 has been extensively modeled, this will allow us to correctly interpret the data and reconstruct the abundance profile of the molecules we will detect, aided by the high spectral line sensitivity uniquely available at the GBT. Recent studies suggest that at least a fraction of COMs observed in protostellar cores are inherited from the prestellar core phase, thus by studying COMs in L1544 specifically, we will be probing the prebiotic material likely to be inherited by low-mass stars and planets.

Data Reduction

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Data Products

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Title: “Current Progress and Future Plans for GLUCOSE: The GBT L1544 Unbiased Complex Organics SurvEy”, venue: K-Band Science Using the Green Bank Telescope, date: 19th – 21st September 2022, location: Green Bank, West Virginia

Team Members

  • Samantha Scibelli (PI)
  • Yancy Shirley
  • Brett McGuire
  • Paola Caselli
  • Silvia Spezzano
  • Anna Punanova
  • Anton Vasyunin
  • Danna Qasim
  • Giulia Perotti
  • Laurie Chu
  • Thanja Lamberts
  • Izaskun Jimenez-Serra
  • Yvonne Pendleton
  • Katarina Yocum

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