GDIGS-Low — GBT Diffuse Ionized Gas Survey at Low Frequencies

GDIGS-Low is a survey that will map radio recombination line (RRL) emission at 800 and 340 MHz over the inner Galactic plane (32° > ℓ > -5°). GDIGS-Low is a complement to the GDIGS survey.

Through GDIGS-Low we will study the Warm Ionized Medium (WIM) and aim to answer (i) What are the physical properties of the WIM ?, (ii) How are the physical properties of the WIM affected by radiative feedback?, (iii) What is the relationship between the WIM and HII regions?, (iv) Are the O stars the only source of ionization for the WIM? and (v) What is the contribution of the WIM to the global emission from Milky Way type galaxies?

Top: Hydrogen RRL emission as seen by GDIGS.
Bottom: Predicted hydrogen RRL emission at 800 MHz. This is what we expect to see with GDIGS-Low.

Data reduction

The data reduction pipeline is written in python and based on groundhog. It will be made available with the first data release.

Data products

Coming soon.


Stay tuned.

Team members

  • Pedro Salas (PI)
  • Kimberly Emig
  • D. Anish Roshi
  • Loren Anderson
  • Matteo Luisi
  • Trey Wenger
  • Allison Smith
  • Gabriela Castelletti
  • Leonardo Supan

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