EDGE — Extragalactic Database for Galaxy Evolution

A Representative Survey of the z=0 Universe with Full IFU Spectroscopy

Spatially-resolved surveys of galaxies in both the optical and mm-wave bands are crucial to connect local physics to observed global trends and to anchor physical understanding of the processes that shape galaxies. What is sorely needed is such a survey for a galaxy sample that is representative of the local population, with depth capable of producing statistically meaningful results, and at a resolution that can be directly compared to cosmological simulations.

This large GBT program will carry out Argus on-the-fly mapping of CO(1-0) of 150 galaxies selected from the Calar Alta Integral Field Area (CALIFA) Integral Field Units (IFU) spectroscopy sample. Combined with the 126 galaxies observed previously with the Combined Array for Research in Millimeter-wave Astronomy (CARMA) this survey will produce a statistically meaningful dataset with negligible cosmic variance that will inform galaxy evolution science in the coming years. CALIFA provides an excellent z=0 IFU sample for resolved molecular gas studies: Its galaxies are nearer and better resolved than those from other surveys. This survey is representative of the typical population of galaxies [log(M*/Msun)=9-11.5], and provides excellent data for all key optical transitions. With these observations we will answer fundamental questions regarding galaxy growth and quenching, star formation regulation, and the structure of the molecular component, and produce a lasting legacy dataset for the z=0 universe.



Alberto Bolatto (U. Maryland)

Team Members

  • Tony Wong
  • Erik Rosolowsky
  • Adam Leroy
  • Stuart Vogel
  • David Frayer
  • Amanda Kepley
  • Eve Ostriker
  • Andrew Harris
  • Leo Blitz
  • Sebastian Sanchez
  • Karin Sandstrom
  • Fabian Walter

  • Peter Teuben
  • Dyas Utomo
  • Yixian Cao
  • Dario Colombo
  • Jialu Li
  • Rebecca Levy
  • Veselina Kalinova
  • Helmut Dannerbauer
  • Glenn van de Ven
  • Benedikt Diemer
  • Elizabeth Tarantino
  • Vicente Villanueva
  • Jorge Barrera Ballesteros
  • Laura Lenkic
  • Alejandra Zaavik Lugo Aranda
  • Eduardo Lacerda
  • Carolyn Volpert
  • Raul Baier
  • Felipe Sepulveda
  • Alex Green
  • Di Wen
  • Si-Yue Yu

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