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Observing with the GBT

Below you’ll find links relevant to observing with the GBT. Please scroll to the bottom for important Observer Alerts.

  • GBT Observer’s Guide: Detailed information and instructions on observing tools, procedures, and best practices, as well as front-end and back-end instruments and GBT scheduling.
  • GBT Training Videos: Instructional videos on preparing for observations with the GBT.
  • Instruments and observing modes: Information about the GBT’s instrument suite and capabilities.
  • Observing policies
  • Current GBT schedule
  • GBT Dynamic Scheduling System: Portal for managing aspects of all active and past proposals, including project members, remote observing qualification, and observer and project black-out dates (DSS log-in required).
  • Weather forecasts: Detailed forecasts of atmospheric opacity, wind speed, and system temperature. These forecasts are used by the DSS to efficiently schedule all GBT projects, and are of particular interest to high-frequency observers.

Observer Alerts!