DiSCo Data (pending)

Dynamics in Star-forming Cores

The DiSCo survey will address a key open question in star formation: the origin and distribution of angular momenta of star-forming cores. Our broad statistical approach is essential to understanding the range of intrinsic behavior, the statistically most common behaviors, and how those behaviors correlate with stellar outcome and environment. By characterizing the detailed kinematics of more than 100 cores, this GBT Large Program will address the angular momentum question with a statistically broad sample and provide many opportunities for ancillary science by the star formation community worldwide.


  • N2H+ datacube
  • N2H+ moment 0 map
  • N2H+ moment 1 map
  • N2H+ moment 2 map
  • N2H+ fitted datacube

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Please use the following acknowledgement in any publication that makes use of DiSCo data:
This publication makes use of molecular line data from the Dynamics in Star-forming COres (DiSCo) Survey using GBT/Argus.

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