Best Practices in K-12 STEM Research

Best Practices in K-12 STEM Research April 10-12 will bring together leaders in engaging K-12 students in research experiences to survey the landscape and synthesize best practices for the STEM education community. It is our hope that opportunities for students to engage in STEM communities of practice will increase as a result. The workshop April 10-12 will be a hybrid event. You may elect to participate remotely or in person at the Green Bank Observatory. Be assured we will have ALL participants in mind as we design ways to interact. We really want to share, and learn from one another! If you elect to travel, lodging and travel is covered by an award from the National Science Foundation.

As you complete this registration form, if you elect to travel by air to Green Bank Observatory, we will reach out to help you coordinate. We can purchase your plane ticket for you to mitigate against the capriciousness of COVID, and we can collect you at the airport and bring you in as well. A shuttle bus will be available for travel from Dulles Airport to Green Bank.

April 10 is a travel day. We will provide supper and heavy snacks in the evening for late arrivals. A social hour will occur in the evening on April 10.

April 11 and 12 are our full workshop days.

April 13 is a travel day as well. The shuttle bus will depart early that morning to Dulles Airport to see you on your way.

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