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Grants in Astrobiology

The Green Bank Observatory and the American Philosophical Society have received funding from Dr. Martine Rothblatt, Chair and CEO of United Therapeutics, Inc., to support research in astrobiology. The program is named in honor of Dr. Baruch Blumberg, Nobel Laureate, first Director of the NASA Astrobiology Institute, and President of the American Philosophical Society from 2005 until 2011. Dr. Blumberg was also Chair of United Therapeutics’s (Unither’s) corporate parent’s Scientific Advisory Board.

At this time all funding has been awarded. Please note these past offerings, which may be repeated again in the future if funding allows.

Blumberg Astrobiology Grants at the Green Bank Observatory

The Blumberg grant program at the Green Bank Observatory (GBO) supports use of the Green Bank Telescope (GBT) for research in astrobiology and related topics, including chemistry, planetary structure and formation, and star formation. The awards will support expenses associated with travel to the Green Bank Observatory for use of the GBT, or for reduction and analysis of archival GBT data. The award can also support travel to conferences and publication of the results. Preference will be given to graduate students and early career scientists.

Baruch Blumberg Visiting Fellowship in Astrobiology at the Green Bank Observatory

The Green Bank Observatory is seeking applicants for a visiting Fellowship in Astrobiology or related topics. The Fellowship includes a stipend, housing at the Observatory, and support for relocation. It is intended to support an established researcher for a summer in residence at the GBO but could also be used for a sabbatical at Green Bank during other times of the year.

American Philosophical Society Baruch Blumberg Grants in Astrobiology

The American Philosophical Society (APS) is pleased to partner with the Green Bank Observatory (GBO) to offer research support for graduate students and postdoctoral and early career scientists. The focus will be on three types of work not necessarily funded by other currently available sources. These areas of research are field work in China, collaborative research, and attendance at conferences. Applications will be reviewed by a select committee at the GBO, APS Members, and the scholars from wider science community as needed.