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GBT Observer Training Workshop (virtual)- February 16-18 2022


February 16-18 2022 - Virtual GBT Observer Training Workshop

NOTE: Applications for this workshop are now closed. If you are a GBT observer in need of training, please directly contact Will Armentrout at warmentr [@] nrao.edu to be added to be added to the training, including your GBT project number.

This remote workshop is open to GBT Observers and the professional scientific community. We are unfortunately unable to accommodate amateur astronomers in this training.

This training will be conducted entirely over Zoom. By filling out this registration form, you are applying to participate in the February 16-18 2022 Remote GBT Training Workshop. Our registration deadline is Tuesday, January 18, and we hope to send you confirmation of your attendance in the workshop by Friday, January 21, 2022. In order to give every participant adequate experience controlling the GBT as part of their training, we have a limited number of spaces available. If we have more applicants than spaces available, we will prioritize attendance by (1) applicants with GBT projects in the 22A semester beginning in February 2022, (2) applicants with GBT proposals under review, (3) applicants looking to gain understanding of the GBT before submitting a proposal in a future call, (4) all other applicants.

The Green Bank Telescope (GBT) Remote Observer Training Workshop will provide the essential skills and knowledge needed to use the GBT and maximize its scientific output. It is intended for experienced astronomers who need to learn the specifics of observing with the GBT. After completing the workshop, an attendee will be certified to use the GBT as a remote observer. The workshop will focus on hands-on training in the observing techniques most relevant to participants (e.g. high frequency map, continuum, pulsar, etc.).

These workshops are typically held three times a year. We are planning to have our next GBT training workshop in conjunction with the Single Dish Observing School + GBT Training Workshop in May 2022. We also expect to have another GBT Training Workshop in Green Bank in Fall 2022.


The draft schedule for this workshop can be seen at this link.

This workshop is meant to provide attendees with the tools to observe with the Green Bank Telescope and is intended for active GBT users. We will not include an in-depth background on single dish radio astronomy, like in the "Single Dish Summer School" (SDSS). The next SDSS is tentatively scheduled to be held jointly by Arecibo and Green Bank in May 2022.

Useful Information

Below are some useful resources for new and experienced GBT observers.  These resources will be covered in detail during the workshop, but attendees are welcome to briefly review the information below to familiarize themselves with some of the terminology prior to arrival.

Practical Information for GBT Observers
GBT Observer’s Guide
GBT Proposal Guide
Dynamic Scheduling Systemwarm during the day but can be cool at night.
Remote Observing Instructions
Sensitivity Calculator
Mapping Planner
GBTIDL (Spectral line data reduction software)
GBT pipeline
PRESTO (pulsar data reduction software)
MUSTANG Data Reduction Guide

Odds and Ends

Questions should be directed to Dr. Will Armentrout (warmentr@nrao.edu) or Brenne Gregory (bgregory@nrao.edu).


Registration Information

We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.