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(Tentative) Single Dish Observing School - May 2022


(Tentative Dates) May 2022 - Single Dish Observing School

We hope to have this workshop in person in Green Bank, with both Green Bank and Arecibo staff on hand to give students an introduction to single dish observing, and telescope-specific training on the Green Bank and Arecibo telescopes.

Registration for this event is not yet open. We expect to open applications for the May 2022 GBT training workshop on February 1, 2022.

By filling out this form, you are applying to attend the Single Dish Observing School in May 2022. As there are a limited number of spaces available, we will review applications and alert accepted participants in March 2022, with preference given to graduate students and scientists new to single dish observing. We are tentatively planning to have our next GBT training workshop beyond this workshop in September 2022.

The Green Bank Telescope (GBT) Remote Observer Training Workshop will provide the essential skills and knowledge needed to use the GBT and maximize its scientific output. It is intended for experienced astronomers who need to learn the specifics of observing with the GBT. After completing the workshop, an attendee will be certified to use the GBT as a remote observer. The workshop will focus on hands-on training in the observing techniques most relevant to participants (e.g. high frequency map, continuum, pulsar, etc.).


Please check back for more information. An example schedule from a previous workshop can be seen at this link.

Travel, Lodging, and Meals


Useful Information

Below are some useful resources for new and experienced GBT observers.  These resources will be covered in detail during the workshop, but attendees are welcome to briefly review the information below to familiarize themselves with some of the terminology prior to arrival.

Practical Information for GBT Observers
GBT Observer’s Guide
GBT Proposal Guide
Dynamic Scheduling System
Remote Observing Instructions
Sensitivity Calculator
Mapping Planner
GBTIDL (Spectral line data reduction software)
GBT pipeline
PRESTO (pulsar data reduction software)
MUSTANG Data Reduction Guide

Odds and Ends

Questions should be directed to Dr. Will Armentrout (warmentrout@nrao.edu)


Registration Information

We are sorry but this event is not yet open for registration.

You will be able to register starting February 01, 2022