Astronomers Accidentally Discover Dark Primordial Galaxy

Could Be the Faintest Galaxy Found to Date

Artist depiction of hydrogen gas observed in galaxy J0613+52.  The colors indicate the likely rotation of the gas relative to the observer (red=away, blue=toward). This image was made using a starfield from STScI POSS-II with additional illustration by NSF/GBO/P.Vosteen.

AAS 243 NRAO Press Announcement

AAS header image

Science Newsletter #AAS243 Special Edition


GBT on cover of Nature Astronomy

Image: Futselaar/ASTRON/NSF/NRAO/GBO. Cover design: Bethany Vukomanovic.

Most sensitive search for intelligent life beyond our galaxy to date

Breakthrough Listen presents the most sensitive search for powerful signals beyond the Milky

Photo credit Dave Green.