Surprising Facts about the Green Bank Observatory

The Green Bank Observatory campus viewed from above, featuring many historic and active instruments, including the Green Bank Telescope, upper left with the backdrop of the Monongahela National Forest. Photo credit Jay Young.

The sprawling 2,700-acre campus has been in Green Bank as long as many residents of Pocahontas county, West Virginia can remember. But what do you really know about this place?


Science Newsletter AAS 237 Edition

The Green Bank Observatory at AAS 237

For the January 2021 meeting there are approximately 47 presentations, sessions, iPosters, and press conferences featuring Green Bank Telescope data, Green Bank Observatory staff, partner organizations, and REU summer students. This list is evolving as the full breadth of meeting items that mention the Green Bank Telescope (GBT) and the Green Bank Observatory are brought to our attention. 

View a PDF of the list here.  We’re using the #AAS237 hashtag on our Twitter @GreenBankObserv to share all of our conference news and resources – be sure to follow along!


June 2020 Science Newsletter AAS Special Edition

This edition of the science newsletter shares special information for the 236th meeting of the American Astronomical Society.


“Astronomy is a gateway science.” Green Bank Observatory’s Newest Scientist Brings the Stars to You

Will Armentrout, wearing the white hard hat, with family on the Green Bank Telescope.

In today’s challenging times, we should all celebrate the positive. The Green Bank Observatory welcomes a new member to its scientific team, Dr. Will Armentrout.


Breakthrough Listen Releases 2 PB of Data from SETI Survey of Milky Way

The Breakthrough Listen Initiative today (Friday, Feb. 14) released data from the most comprehensive survey yet of radio emissions from the plane of the Milky Way galaxy and the region around its central black hole, and it is inviting the public to search the data for signals from intelligent civilizations.