Green Bank Staff


Green Bank employs 100 people on a year round basis, and an additional 40 people in the summer time.  While most people tend to think of Green Bank as hiring scientists and astronomers, it take a village to run the scientific and educational programs at the Green Bank Observatory, with jobs ranging from cafeteria worker through astronomer, engineer through machinist, and many in between.  Additionally, while we have staff from all around the world working in Green Bank, the majority of our employees (80%) were born in West Virginia, and roughly 60% of the staff are from Pocahontas County.    Of the astronomy staff, 40% are female (compared to the national average of less than 30%).

A breakdown of the year-round staff by division is given below:

  • Astronomers/Scientists: 13
  • Engineers (software, mechanical, digital, microwave, facilities, etc): 20
  • Technicians (telescope operations, electronics, electricians, mechanics, plumber, etc): 26
  • Telescope operators:6
  • Machinists: 6
  • Education and public outreach: 8
  • Janitors: 4
  • Food services: 11
  • Administrative:7

In the summer, an additional 40 people are typically hired, in the following areas:

  • Structural painters:18-20
  • Plant maintenance (technician) trainees: 4-5
  • Tour guides: 2
  • Food services: 3-4
  • undergraduate students (astronomer, engineering, etc): 10-12