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The workshop will begin on the evening of Sunday, October 15 with dinner and an opening reception afterward, and will end late on the afternoon of Friday, October 20.

The aim of this workshop is to layout a path for science with the Green Bank Observatory, looking forward to the next 5, 10, and even 20 years, in this crucial time leading up to the 2020 Astronomical Decadal Survey.  To accomplish this aim, we are building a format which encourages discussion over detailed talks.  As a result, each session topic will begin with a speaker reviewing the current state of the field, followed by five minute presentations presenting posters on the topic.  The bulk of the session time will be spent discussing ways in which the scientific field could progress, and ways in which the Observatory could aid in that progress.  Discussions will be led by a 5-6 person panel and discussion chair.

The current list of scientific topics, in no particular order, is below.  Note, though, that this list will be altered based on the interests and input of workshop attendees (given during the registration process).  A detailed program will be given closer to the event.

  • Cradle of Life (SETI, astrochemistry, planets, etc)
  • Formation & Age of the Universe
  • Galaxy & cluster formation & evolution
  • Gravitational Waves
  • Pulsars & Transients
  • Star Formation & Evolution
  • Synergies with other telescopes

On Tuesday, October 17, in the afternoon, the primary program will be halted for a celebration of 60 years of science with the Green Bank Observatory.  All workshop attendees will be automatically registered for this event.