Green Bank Machine Shop

The Green Bank Machine Shop is a technical and financial asset to the GBO. The Shop annually completes fabrications that are often challenging and are regularly developed in the Shop from mere sketches provided by engineers and scientists. The Shop’s rapid repair capabilities maximize observation time and compress development schedules for GBO instruments.

The Shop also develops improved techniques for fabrication of many challenging parts required by scientists and engineers. Shop machinists produce parts with tolerances that are unacceptably small to most commercial machine shops and use techniques that document errors in the machining process and then directly compensate for the errors in each individual process.

Not only does the shop build and repair all of the instruments and machines required for operation of the site and its instruments, the shop also has an array of items for sale in the gift shop and is available for commercial work.

Further information on the shop, its capabilities, and its availability, please contact Dennis Egan (gro.y1721505229rotav1721505229resbo1721505229bg@na1721505229ged1721505229)