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Proposed Changes for Green Bank Observatory Operations – Round 2

The Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) report, which examines the impact the proposed alternative futures of the Green Bank Observatory, was released on 08 November, 2017. The 60 day period for public comments is now open, and the National Science Foundation is holding a public meeting to give the public an opportunity to provide comments on the DEIS report at the Green Bank Observatory on 30 November, starting at 5pm.

The purpose of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) report is to evaluate the potential effects of proposed operational changes and potential demolition activities at the Green Bank Observatory.

Alternatives evaluated in the DEIS are:

  • A. Collaboration with interested parties for continued science- and education-focused operations with reduced NSF funding (Agency preferred alternative)
  • B. Collaboration with interested parties for operation as a technology and education park
  • C. Mothballing of facilities
  • D. Demolition and site restoration
  • E. No-Action Alternative: Continued NSF Investment for Science focused Operations

Information about the Green Bank Observatory can be found on our site, and information about our community and educational programs is given on our About page. Information about the NSF funded “open skies” science on the GBT is available at https://greenbankobservatory.org/science/nsf-open-skies/.

Public comments can be sent to the National Science Foundation at the following address.  For our records, we appreciate receiving copies of any comments sent to the NSF. Our email address is included in the e-mail option below and our mailing address is also below.  Written comments must be received on or before 08 January, 2018.

You may submit written comments by either of the following methods:

Send an email: envcomp-AST-greenbank@nsf.gov with cc to eis@gbobservatory.org. The subject should read “Green Bank Observatory”.

Mail to:
Elizabeth Pentecost
RE: Green Bank Observatory
Division of Astronomical Sciences
Room W9152
2415 Eisenhower Ave
Alexandria, VA 22314.

Copy to:
Green Bank Observatory
PO Box 2
Green Bank, WV 24944

The draft Environmental Impact Statement can be found online at https://www.nsf.gov/mps/ast/env_impact_reviews/greenbank/greenbank_drafteis.jsp.

If you are looking for the Green Bank Observatory page from the first EIS meeting, please go to https://greenbankobservatory.org/eis-statement/

If you are looking for the GO! Green Bank Observatory page, please go to https://www.facebook.com/GoGreenBankObservatory/