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HII Regions

Low Surface Brightness Galactic HII Region Survey

  • Detection of 130 "Diffuse" Galactic HII Regions (Lockman, Pisano and Howard, ApJ,1996, 472, 173).
  • Table 1 -- Detected "Diffuse" Galactic HII Regions (from Lockman, Pisano and Howard, ApJ,1996, 472, 173).
  • Table 1 -- ASCII Table of "Diffuse" Galactic HII Regions Detected (from Lockman, Pisano and Howard, ApJ,1996, 472, 173).
    Radio Recombination Line Survey of Galactic HII regions (1989)

  • Table 1 -- List of HII Regions Detected (from Lockman, F.J., 1989 ApJ (Suppl), 71, 469). Please note correction at end of Table.

    GBT HI and 100 micron emission toward the Spitzer Extragalactic First Look Survey (XFLS) field.

    One of these maps is Galactic HI, the other is 100 micron emission. Can you tell which is which? This paper gives the answer.

    Breaking News Feb 14, 2005 -- Sometimes the Sky Looks Different in HI and 100 microns!

    The Cloudy Galactic Halo

    Various Papers on (mostly) Galactic HI

  • HI and Galactic Structure (Review) Felix J. Lockman 2002, in "Seeing Through the Dust", ASP Conf. Ser. Vol 276, p.107
  • HI Observations of the Sagittarius Dwarf Spheriodal Galaxy W.B. Burton and Felix J. Lockman, Astronomy and Astrophysics, 1999, 349, p.7.
  • A Very Sensitive Survey for High-Velocity HI Felix J. Lockman, Edward M. Murphy, Sara Petty-Powell, and Vincent J. Urick 2002, Astrophysical Journal Suppl., 140, 331.
  • Discovery of a Population of HI Clouds in the Galactic Halo Felix J. Lockman, 2002, ApJ, 550, L27
  • High-velocity Cloud Complex H: A Satellite of the Milky Way in a Retrograde Orbit Felix J. Lockman, 2003, ApJ, 591, L33
  • The VLA Galactic Plane Survey Felix J. Lockman and Jeroen M. Stil, 2004 in "Milky Way surveys: The Structure and Evolution of our Galaxy", ed. D. Clemens and T. Brainerd, ASP Conf Ser., (in press astro-ph/0310762) .
  • HI Clouds Beyond the Galactic Disk Felix J. Lockman 2004, a discussion of current issues to appear in "How Does the Galaxy Work", eds. E.J. Alfaro, E. Perez, & J. Franco, Kluwer, proc. of conference held 23-27 June 2003 in Granada, Spain (in press astro-ph/0311047).
  • The Hydrogen Clouds in the Galactic Halo Felix J. Lockman 2004, a discussion of HI clouds above the Galactic Plane, to appear in "Recycling Intergalactic and Interstellar Matter", IAU Symposium 217, 2004, ed. P-A Duc, J. Braine, \& E. Brinks (in press astro-ph/0311217).
  • Peering Through the Muck: Notes on the Influence of the Galactic Interstellar Medium on Extragalactic Observations Felix J. Lockman 2004, helpful hints for those who have to, this will appear in "Soft X-rays from Clusters of Galaxies and Related Phenomena" ed. R. Lieu, Klewer, 2004 (in press astro-ph/0311386).
  • The Spitzer Space Telescope First Look Survey: Neutral Hydrogen Emission Felix J. Lockman and J. J. Condon 2005, AJ, 129, 1968. A GBT HI map of 9 square degrees around the Spitzer Extragalactic First Look Survey position.

    Complex H as a Satellite of the Milky Way

    Links to various good galactic HI data.
    This section will eventually contain links to all of the galactic HI data sets of which I am aware, together with information about their suitability for various uses.

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