Young Astronomer Shines at Astronomy Meeting

Cannan Hue-You at the AAS
Just 11 years old (but already a high-school senior), Cannan Huey-You explains what’s happening to a massive gas cloud called Complex A at last week’s meeting of professional astronomers.
American Astronomical Society

Cannan Huey-You, just 11 years old, impressed professional astronomers in January with his research on a massive intergalactic gas cloud.

When astronomers and astrophysicists descended on Grapevine, Texas, this past January for the semiannual conference that many call the “Super Bowl of Astronomy,” they were joined by the meeting’s youngest participant ever.

On Friday, 11-year-old Cannan Huey-You walked up to his poster and described research on the object known as Complex A, a massive gas cloud destined to crash into the Milky Way.

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UPDATE – 02/2017

A video on his presentation is now available on Newswise.