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Transformative Science for the Next Decade

Transformative Science for the Next Decade with the Green Bank Observatory

Big Questions, Large Programs, and New Instruments

October 16-18, 2017

With new instruments and improved performance, the 100m Green Bank Telescope is now demonstrating its full potential. On this 60th anniversary of the groundbreaking for the Green Bank Observatory, we are holding a workshop looking toward to the next 10, 20, and even 60 years of the Green Bank Observatory, and invite the community to participate in planning the future.

The aim of this workshop is to layout a path for science with the Green Bank Observatory in this crucial time leading up to the 2020 Astronomical Decadal Survey. and beyond  We are looking for new and innovative science and ideas for use of both the GBT and the other site instruments and infrastructure.

To accomplish this aim, we are building a format which encourages discussion over detailed talks.  As a result, each session topic will begin with a speaker reviewing the current state of the field, followed by five minute presentations presenting posters on the topic.  The bulk of the session time will be spent discussing ways in which the scientific field could progress, and ways in which the Observatory could aid in that progress.  Discussions will be led by a 5-6 person panel and discussion chair.

On October 17 we will be celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Green Bank Observatory facility with a party and historic talks about the facility.  Everyone attending this workshop will be automatically registered for the celebration.

Meeting agenda and presentations are here.

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