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Green Bank Scientific Staff

Phone numbers: (304) 456-[office] // Emails: [contact]@nrao.edu

Will Armentrout



Star formation; 20-meter; Argus; Student programs; Training workshops; Radar

Jesse Bublitz
Post-Doctoral Researcher

Office: x2809
Contact:  jbublitz

David Frayer

Office: x2223
Contact: dfrayer

Science Division Lead
Research Interests: High-redshift galaxies, AGN, starbursts, U/LIRGs, dwarf galaxies, formation and evolution of galaxies and clusters

Jay Frothingham
Scientific Data Analyst

Office contact: x2398

Contact: jfrothin

Frank Ghigo
Scientist Emeritus

Contact: fghigo

GBT surface; special observations

Brenne Gregory
Scientific Data Analyst

Office: x2379
Contact: bgregory

Gravitational Waves

Jim Jackson
Director - GBO

Office: x2828
Contact: jmjackso


Jay Lockman
Principal Scientist

Office: x2302
Contact: jlockman

Ryan Lynch

Office: x2357
Contact: rlynch


Ron Maddalena
Scientist Emeritus
Toney Minter
Head of GBT Operations

Office: x2275
Contact: tminter


Emily Moravec
Post-Doctoral Researcher

Office: x2139
Contact: emoravec

MUSTANG2; AGN & Clusters

Larry Morgan

Office: x2399
Contact: lmorgan

Star formation; KFPA; Breakthrough Listen Support; Weather Systems and Analysis

Karen O'Neil

Office: x2130
Contact: koneil

Pedro Salas
Assistant Scientist

Contact: psalas

GBTIDL, VLBI, W-band, LASSI, Radio Recombination Lines

Anika Schmiedeke
Assistant Scientist

Contact: ajschmiedeke

High Mass Star Formation; Argus

Hanna Sizemore
Adjunct/Visiting Scientist

Office: x2157
Contact: hsizemor

Planetary Science; Mars

Evan Smith
Data Analyst

Office: x2224

Contact: esmith

RFI Mitigation

Jacob Turner
Post-Doctoral Researcher

Previous Post-Doctoral Staff

YearNamePresent Position
2019Pedro SalasAssistant Scientist, Green Bank Observatory
2019Charles RomeroPost-Doctoral Researcher, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
2018Natalie ButterfieldAssistant Scientist, National Radio Astronomy Observatory
2018Will ArmentroutAssociate Scientist, Green Bank Observatory
2016Natalia Lewandowska Assistant Professor of Physics at State University of New York in Oswego
2016Jennifer WestonSenior Astronomer, Contractor Supporting the US Naval Observatory at Federated IT
2015Nichol Cunningham University of Grenoble (France)
2014Adam KobelskiNASA/George C. Marshall Space Flight Center
2014Sam BatesIndustry
2012Alyson FordAssistant Director at Steward Observatory
2012Amanda KepleyScientist, National Radio Astronomy Observatory
2011Megan JohnsonScientist, Naval Observatory
2007D.J. PisanoUniversity of Cape Town (South Africa)
2005Larry MorganScientist, Green Bank Observatory
2005Bojan NikolicUniversity of Cambridge (United Kingdom)
Ingrid StairsUniversity of British Columbia (Canada)
2002Yuri KovalevLebedev Physical Institute (Russia)
1997Jim BraatzScientist, National Radio Astronomy Observatory
1995Toney MinterScientist, Green Bank Observatory
1994Dana BalserScientist, National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Ron MaddalenaEmeritus Scientist, Green Bank Observatory
Anish RoshiScientist, Arecibo Observatory
George MeollenbrockAssociate Scientist, NRAO, Socorro
Greg BlackNASA IV&V (Clarksburg, WV)
Mark McKinnonAssistant Director for NRAO, Socorro (Retired)
Paul DemorestScientist, National Radio Astronomy Observatory

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