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Green Bank Observatory 2024A Science Program

A total of 61 proposals requesting NSF funded “open skies” time were submitted to the Green Bank Observatory’s Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope (GBT) for the August 2, 2023 semester 24A deadline . The table below summarizes the approved observing programs. Listed are the PI name, proposal ID, proposal title, maximum hours approved and proposal type (Regular, Triggered, Large or External).

Proposals from previous semesters that were awarded time in the 24A semester are included. The table also includes HSA and GMVA proposals that were awarded time on the GBT as a VLBI station as well as proposal accepted via external agreements with CHANDRA, Hubble Space Telescope, FERMI, Swift, and XMM.

For each approved program, the Proposal Finder Tool will have access to its author, title, abstract and total approved hours.

A description of the Time Allocation Committee report for 24A can be found here.

Alexander, Kate GBT23A-273Monitoring the Exceptional Jetted Tidal Disruption Event AT2022cmc17.5Regular
Andreon, Stefano GBT24A-100Seeing warm gas accretion at the time when first galaxy clusters assemble32Regular
Bolatto, Alberto GBT21B-024GBT EDGE: A Representative Survey of the z=0 Universe with Full IFU Spectroscopy300Large
Burton, Charles GBT24A-329Milky Way Galactic Bar Dust Lanes21Regular
Busch, Michael GBT24A-144Probing the structure of the diffuse molecular ISM–mixed or clumped?216Regular
Butterfield, Natalie GBT23B-202BARFLYS: Investigating the Star Forming Potential of the Galactic Bar Dust Lanes227.5Large
Cameron, Andrew GBT24A-211Continued observations of an eccentric, relativistic binary pulsar.15.75Regular
Cromartie, Thankful GBT24A-400A GBT Search for Gaia-Selected Binary Pulsars16Regular
Dai, Shi GBT24A-055Monitoring the active repeater FRB 20190520B24Regular
Demorest, Paul GBT21B-285The North American Nanohertz Observatory for Gravitational Waves98Large
Dicker, Simon GBT24A-291Quantifying biases in selection functions of Sunyaev-Zel’dovich Effect surveys.16Regular
Di Gennaro, Gabriella GBT23B-120SZ observations of MaDCoWS clusters with diffuse radio emission at z=0.8-1.3414Regular
Di Teodoro, Enrico GBT23A-131Measuring 12CO(1-0) emission in the Milky Way’s Nuclear Wind6.5Regular
Gao, Shijie GBT24A-092Search for Radio Pulsations from Non-interacting Compact Star Binaries with GBT47.5Regular
Ginsburg, Adam GBT23A-268From ACES to TENS: The Central Molecular Zone with MUSTANG6Regular
Gomez, Jose L. GMVA23B-152Imaging supermassive binary black hole candidate OJ287 with GMVA+ALMA14Regular
Gusinskaia, Nina GBT23B-240Continued Timing of a Millisecond Pulsar in a Stellar Triple System51Regular
Gupta, Harshal GBT21B-316Molecular Exploration of the Diffuse Interstellar mediUM (MEDIUM)285.75Large
Huertas-Roldan, Teresa GBT24A-184Searching for fullerene-related species in space with the GBT132Regular
Jiao, Sihan GBT24A-161A GBT pilot study of Anomalous Microwave Emission in M3131.75Regular
JNHS, Aditya VLBA24A-069Neutral gas in the nuclear regions of PKS 0428+2015Regular
Karunakaran, Ananthan GBT24A-120HI Observations of Dwarf Galaxies at the edge of the Local Group and Beyond68Regular
Kramer, Michael GBT23B-227Timing and General Relativity in the Double Pulsar System82Regular
Ladu, Elisabetta VLBA23A-234Evidence for a new disk maser in the LINER galaxy IC485.8Regular
Ladu, Elisabetta GBT24A-278Monitoring of the water megamaser in IC485: weighing the BH of a LINER galaxy12Regular
Lockman, Felix GBT24A-319A Search for H2CO in Molecular Clouds Entrained in the Nuclear Wind19Regular
Lynch, Ryan GBT24A-396Continuing a Pilot GBT Pulsar Survey of the Galactic Plane214Regular
Maan, Yogesh GBT24A-201A Deep Search for Radio Pulsars in Faint and Compact Steep-spectrum Sources17.25Regular
Mall, Geetam GBT24A-303A scintillometric analysis of the relativistic binary pulsar B1534+1219.5Regular
Maureira, Maria Jose GBT22B-180CO freeze-out across a filamentary dense cloud forming a quadruple system25.5Regular
McGuire, Brett GBT23A-047Closing the Loop: PAHs Toward Cyg OB2-126Regular
McGuire, Brett GBT24A-232The Dark Carbon Falls – An ARKHAM Pilot Project192Regular
McKee, James GBT24A-255Broadband observations of giant pulses from PSR J0218+42328Regular
Michail, Joseph VLBA24A-105Simultaneous Radio and Millimeter Monitoring of Sgr A* with JWST and EHT21Regular
Minter, Anthony GBT24A-237A Search for Dust-free Clouds in the Galactic Disk205.75Regular
Moravec, Emily GBT23B-005Characterizing the Highest Redshift Shock in a Merging Galaxy Cluster35Regular
Parent, Emilie GBT24A-172Pinpointing the onset of radio pulsations in a new transitional pulsar candidate4Triggered
Park, Jongho GMVA23B-067Peering into M87’s black hole in multiple colors28Regular
Patil, Swarali Shivraj GBT24A-394Searching for Scintillation Arcs in NANOGrav Binary Pulsars12Regular
Pearlman, Aaron GBT24A-246Multiwavelength Studies of Nearby Repeating FRB Sources in the Local Universe20Triggered
Perez, Karen GBT24A-351Establishing the Energetics of the Luminous Gamma-Ray Redback: PSR J0212+532122Regular
Pineda, Jaime GBT23A-199Ions vs Neutrals in a Dense Core – copy18Regular
Possenti, Andrea GBT24A-023The magnetar-FRB link: simultaneous Radio/X-Ray monitoring of active magnetars21Triggered
Ransom, Scott GBT24A-375Long Term Timing of 76 Recycled Pulsars in Bulge Globular Clusters35Regular
Remijan, Anthony GBT24A-114What is Happening With the HNCNH Maser in Sgr B2(N)? – A Monitoring Campaign2.5Regular
Remijan, Anthony GBT24A-115Mapping the Large Scale Spatial Distribution of Complex Molecules towards Sgr B25.5Regular
Remijan, Anthony GBT24A-124A Deep Targeted Line Survey of TMC-1 at X-band – A Pilot Study193.5Regular
Robishaw, Timothy GBT24A-397Confirmation of Magnetic Field Detection in CRRL Emission from DR 2141Regular
Romero, Charles GBT23A-086SZ Constraints of Shocks in CIZA J2242.8+530140Regular
Salas, Pedro GBT22A-437SC: GBT Diffuse Ionized Gas Survey at Low frequencies – GDIGS-Low826Large
Salas, Pedro GBT23B-143The Partially Ionized Medium around HII Regions — the low frequency complement49Regular
Sarazin, Craig GBT23A-028Bridges of Intergalactic Gas Connecting ACT Cluster Pairs35Regular
Schmiedeke, Anika GBT23A-360Exploring the kinematics in a filamentary infrared dark cloud40Regular
Schmiedeke, Anika GBT22B-191Feeding a super-critical filament in a subsonic core17.5Regular
Scibelli, Samantha GBT22A-435SC: Q- Band Chemical Complexity Survey of Prestellar Core L1544647Large
Sengar, Rahul GBT24A-405The GBT 820MHz & GBNCC Survey: Pulsar Timing & Candidates Confirmation10Regular
Shroyer, Jordan GBT23B-262Polarized Ku-Band Observations near G107.2+5.20 for CMB Foregrounds Study55Regular
Singal, Jack GBT19A-083How Bright is the Radio Sky?  A 310 MHz Absolute Map30Regular
Song, Yiqing GBT22B-248Mapping HCN and HCO+ in Local Luminous Infrared Mergers19.5Regular
Spekkens, Kristine GBT22B-139Atomic Gas in the Host Galaxies of Gravitational Wave Events – LVK O440Triggered
Spezzano, Silvia GBT22B-040Exploring the chemistry of Sulfur towards the young starless core L1521E18Regular
Squillace, Reynier GBT23A-263A Survey of 15-Nitrogen Fractionation in Prestellar Cores36Regular
Stephens, Ian GBT23A-288Mapping Ammonia in Bones: Understanding our Magnetized Spiral Potential132Regular
Thomas, Reshma Anna GBT24A-415Observation of an FRB skewering the M31 halo10.5Regular
Tu, Tianyu GBT23B-090Probing the cosmic-ray-ionized dense gas associated with supernova remnant HB912Regular
Urquhart, James GBT23A-350Search of Hypercompact HII Regions Towards Methanol Masers56.25Regular
van Marrewijk, Joshiwa GBT24A-249Resolving SZ-selected clusters in the epoch of most rapid cluster growth42Regular
Yang, Chentao GBT22B-020Confirming the nature of a 380GHz H2O maser disk in a lensed quasar at z=3.9114Regular
Yusef-Zadeh, Farhad GBT24A-116The Nature of the Extremely Broad 2200 km/s H56a line emission  from Sgr A*4.75Regular

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