2019A Science Program

Green Bank Observatory 2019A Science Program

A total of 83 proposals requesting NSF funded “open skies” time were submitted to the Green Bank Observatory’s Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope (GBT) for the August 1, 2018 semester 19A deadline . The table below summarizes the approved observing programs. Listed are the PI name, proposal ID, proposal title, maximum hours approved and proposal type (Regular, Triggered, Large or External). Proposals from previous semesters that were awarded time in the 19A semester are included. The table also includes HSA and GMVA proposals that were awarded time on the GBT as a VLBI station as well as proposal accepted via external agreements with CHANDRA, Hubble Space Telescope, FERMI and Swift.

For each approved program, the Proposal Finder Tool will have access to its author, title, abstract and total approved hours.

A description of the Time Allocation Committee report for 19A can be found at 2019A Proposal Call Results.

PI ID Title Hours Type
Agarwal, Devansh GBT19A-116 A Short Stare at M87 using FLAG 15 Regular
Anderson, Loren GBT18B-014 The GBT Diffuse Ionized Gas Survey (GDIGS) 200.5 Large
Andreon, Stefano GBT18B-111 A intermediate mass cluster kept at the epoch of entropy growth 32 Regular
Beasley, Anthony GBT17B-131 GBT Observations of 36 GHz Methonal Masers Towards the Galactic Center 24 Regular
Bietenholz, Michael VLBA19A-303 Measuring the Size and Speed of AT2018cow's Outflow 8 Regular
Blumer, Harsha GBT19A-180 Observations of Pulsar Search Collaboratory discovered pulsars 10 Regular
Bonsall, Amber GBT19A-374 Drift Scan Survey for Pulsars, FRBs, Radio Transients, and Gas in Galaxies 536 Large
Britt, Christopher GBT18B-313 Confirming Candidate MSPs in the Galactic Bulge 4 Regular
Brodwin, Mark GBT18B-215 MUSTANG-2 Observations of MaDCoWS, the Most Massive Galaxy Clusters at z > 1 126 Regular
Brodwin, Mark GBT19A-369 MUSTANG-2 Observations of MaDCoWS, the Most Massive Galaxy Clusters at z > 1 49 Regular
Cameron, Andrew GBT19A-181 Continued timing of an eccentric, relativistic binary pulsar 117 Regular
Codella, Claudio GBT19A-048 Large Carbon Chains in the Early Stages Of Solar-type Forming Planetary Systems 33.5 Regular
Cromartie, Thankful GBT18B-289 Mass Measurements for Four Millisecond Pulsars Using Relativistic Shapiro Delay 30 Regular
Cromartie, Thankful GBT19A-429 An Important Mass Measurement of a Nearby Pan-Spectrum Millisecond Pulsar 22 Regular
DeCesar, Megan GBT19A-235 A Continued Search for Pulsed Emission from Candidate MSPs in Globular Clusters 25 Regular
Deller, Adam VLBA19A-154 Characterizing Neutron Star Mergers with VLBI Afterglow Observations 104 Triggered
Demorest, Paul GBT18B-226 The North American Nanohertz Observatory for Gravitational Waves 324 Large
Dollhopf, Niklaus GBT18B-140 The Chemical Complexity of L1157: K-band Survey on the GBT 6 Regular
Fonseca, Emmanuel GBT19A-411 Timing and Three-Body Integration of the Pulsar Triple System in Messier 4 3 Regular
Forbrich, Jan GBT18B-284 Dense gas mapping of resolved Giant Molecular Clouds in M31 22 Regular
Frayer, David GBT19A-396 CO(1-0) Molecular Gas in the z=3 Proto-Cluster Core of SSA22 17 Regular
Galaz, Gaspar GBT19A-326 Detecting molecular gas in the giant low surface brightness galaxy Malin 1 48 Regular
Ginsburg, Adam GBT18A-014 MUSTANG Galactic Plane survey pilot: Protoclusters & Massive Stars 31 Regular
Gomez, Jose L. GMVA18B-164 Imaging massive binary BH candidates in OJ287 and 3C345 with the GMVA+ALMA 23 Regular
Hada, Kazuhiro GMVA19A-224 Imaging Magnetic Acceleration and Collimation of M87 Jet at Scales of 7-150Rs 8 Regular
Hada, Kazuhiro GMVA18B-196 Imaging Magnetic Acceleration and Collimation of M87 Jet at Scales of 7-150Rs 14 Regular
Hayne, Paul GBT19A-427 Mapping the Moon's Microwave Emission 8 Regular
Issaoun, Sara GMVA18B-240 Sharpening the source model for Sgr A*: 3mm VLBI with GMVA+ALMA 8 Regular
Kao, Melodie VLBA19A-437 Do Brown Dwarfs have Radiation Belts? 25 Regular
Karunakaran, Ananthan GBT19A-227 The HI Content of a Complete Sample of Blue Low Surface Brightness Galaxies 21.5 Regular
Karunakaran, Ananthan GBT18B-203 Searching for the HI reservoirs of Dwarfs in the Leo Triplet 18 Regular
Kepley, Amanda GBT17B-151 Extragalactic GBT+ARGUS Gas Density Survey 85.5 Large
Kramer, Michael GBT19A-350 Timing and General Relativity in the Double Pulsar System 50.5 Regular
Kuo, Cheng-Yu GBT19A-340 A More Efficient Search for H2O Megamasers in Mid-IR Red Galaxies 23 Regular
Lacy, Mark GBT19A-307 Direct detection of a quasar hyperwind via the Sunyaev-Zeldovich Effect 44 Regular
Leisman, Lukas GBT19A-240 HI Observations of Very Low Surface Brightness Galaxies from the HSC Survey 33 Regular
Lim, Jeremy GBT19A-122 Neutral Atomic Hydrogen in the Cooling-Flow Nebula of NGC 5044 6 Regular
MacDonald, Nicholas GMVA18B-039 Disorder vs. Order: Discerning the nature of the magnetic field in PKS 1510-089 5 Regular
Malhotra, Sangeeta GBT19A-301 Finding HI in Local Analogs of High Redshift Galaxies 47.25 Regular
Margot, Jean-Luc GBT19A-267 Interior structure of Europa and Ganymede 4.5 Regular
Masters, Karen GBT19A-127 HI-MaNGA: HI Followup for MaNGA Galaxies 198 Regular
McClure-Griffiths, Naomi GBT19A-337 Tracing the Fermi Bubble Wind with HI Clouds 180 Regular
McGuire, Brett GBT19A-009 A GBT Census of Aromatic Molecules Outside TMC-1 141.8 Regular
McGuire, Brett GBT18B-007 An Extremely Deep K-band GBT Survey of TMC-1 418 Large
Medezinski, Elinor GBT19A-163 The Highest Redshift Binary Galaxy Cluster Merger in the Universe 10 Regular
Moss, Vanessa GBT18B-307 Uncovering the hidden iceberg structure of the Milky Way halo 77.5 Regular
Mroczkowski, Tony GBT19A-092 MUSTANG2 Imaging of the AGN-driven Cavities in MS 0735.6+7421 32.5 Regular
Murphy, Eric GBT19A-284 MUSTANG-2 SFRS: 3mm Maps of Star Formation in Nearby Galaxies 29.25 Regular
Okabe, Nobuhiro GBT19A-050 A MUSTANG-2 Survey of Distant Massive Clusters from Subaru HSC Survey 24 Regular
Orienti, Monica VLBA19A-005 Unveiling the particle acceleration regions in two X-ray emitting hotspots 12 Regular
Oslowski, Stefan GBT19A-197 Follow-up of ASKAP FRBs 126 Triggered
Pineda, Jaime GBT18B-288 Exploring the kinematics of a subsonic dense core 38 Regular
Rajwade, Kaustubh GBT19A-221 A survey for pulsars and fast radio bursts using FLAG 65 Regular
Ransom, Scott GBT18B-071 Continued Timing of a Millisecond Pulsar in a Stellar Triple System 65 Regular
Ransom, Scott GBT18B-072 Long Term Timing of 59 Recycled Pulsars in Bulge Globular Clusters 75 Regular
Redaelli, Elena GBT19A-080 Casting light on nitrogen chemistry 7.5 Regular
Robinson, Justin GBT18B-258 HI Spectroscopy of Active Galaxies with Direct Black Hole Mass Measurements 165.3 Regular
Safdi, Benjamin GBT19A-362 Detecting axion dark matter at the Green Bank Telescope 8.25 Regular
Sayers, Jack GBT19A-353 Diagnosing the AGN-Driven Bubbles and Shocks in Abell 2052 24 Regular
Serra, Paolo GBT19A-365 FLAG HI Mapping of the Fornax Cluster 28 Regular
Singal, Jack GBT19A-083 How Bright is the Radio Sky? A 310 MHz Absolute Map 30 Regular
Spekkens, Kristine GBT18B-246 Atomic Gas in the Host Galaxies of Gravitational Wave Events 20 Triggered
Stinebring, Daniel GBT19A-186 Pulsar Scintillation Arcs – An L-band Follow-up to Previous GBT Detections 19.5 Regular
Suresh, Akshay GBT19A-407 A FLAG Survey of Virgo and Coma Clusters for Fast Radio Bursts 64 Regular
Swiggum, Joseph GBT17B-325 Continuing the GBT All-Sky 350-MHz Pulsar Survey 234 Large
Thompson, Todd GBT19A-434 Searching for a Pulsar in Compact Object Binary Star System 2M05215658+4359220 4 Regular
Wilkins, Olivia GBT18B-025 Complex Organic Formation in Protostellar Environments 6.25 Regular
Williams, Gwenllian GBT18B-220 Interaction of two IRDC hubs: A complete evolutionary study of the SDC13 region 3.5 Regular
Wong, Ivy GBT19A-091 The FLAG Imaging of Eridanus (FIEri) project 52 Regular