2018A Science Program

Green Bank Observatory 2018A Science Program

A total of 52 proposals requesting NSF funded “open skies” time were submitted to the Green Bank Observatory’s Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope (GBT) were received for the February 1, 2017 deadline for semester 17B.  The table below summarizes the approved observing programs for the GBT.  Listed are the PI name, proposal ID, proposal title, maximum hours approved and proposal type (Regular, Triggered, Large or External).  Proposals from previous semesters that were awarded time in the 17B semester are included.  The table also includes HSA and GMVA proposals that were awarded time on the GBT as a VLBI station as well as proposal accepted via external agreements with CHANDRA, Hubble Space Telescope, FERMI and Swift.

For each approved program, the Proposal Finder Tool will have access to its author, title, abstract and total approved hours.

A description of the Time Allocation Committee report for 18A can be found at 2018A Proposal Call Results.

PI ID Title Hours Type
Alberdi, Antonio  VLBA18A-075 Probing the polarized innermost structure of the relativistic jet of 4C+01.28 9 Regular
Anderson, Loren  GBT17B-173 The GBT Diffuse Ionized Gas Survey (GDIGS) 368 Large
Andersson, B-G  GBT17B-051 Small Scale Selective Photo-Dissociation of CO isotopes in IC63 and IC59 20.5 Regular
Beasley, Anthony  GBT17B-131 GBT Observations of 36 GHz Methanol Masers Towards the Galactic Center 24 Regular
Blumer, Harsha  GBT17B-292 Follow-up observations of pulsars discovered by the Pulsar Search Collaboratory 34 Regular
Bordoloi, Rongmon  GBT17B-015 GBT high-sensitivity mapping of an HI cloud in the Fermi Bubble wind 78 Regular
Brodwin, Mark  GBT18A-272 MUSTANG-2 Observations of MaDCoWS, the Most Massive Galaxy Clusters at z > 1 95 Regular
Cameron, Andrew  GBT18A-261 Continued timing observations of a new eccentric, relativistic binary pulsar 117 Regular
Courtois, Helene  GBT18A-021 Cosmic flows in the Local Universe 518 Large
Cromartie, Thankful  GBT17B-306 Measuring the Mass of Two Outstanding MSPs via Shapiro Delay 24 Regular
DeCesar, Megan  GBT18A-193 A Continued Search for Pulsed Emission from MSP Candidates in Globular Clusters 25 Regular
Demorest, Pau GBT15B-160 The North American Nanohertz Observatory for Gravitational Waves 183 Large
Deneva, Julia  GBT18A-306 Searching for MSPs and Young Pulsars in Steep-spectrum Galactic Center Sources 28.5 Regular
Di Francesco, James GBT16B-278 KEYSTONE: KFPA Examinations of Young Stellar (O-star) Natal Environments 82 Large
Ford, Alyson  GBT17B-369 A Survey of Extended HI Disks Around Nearby Galaxies 39.75 Regular
Fox, Andrew  GBT18A-221 Properties of the Galactic Nuclear Wind at Low Latitudes 19 Regular
Galaz, Gaspar  GBT18A-291 Detecting molecular gas in the giant low surface brightness galaxy Malin 1 30 Regular
Ghirlanda, Giancarlo  G17C001 Do binary neutron star mergers always produce a jet? 17 Regular
Ginsburg, Adam  GBT18A-014 MUSTANG Galactic Plane survey pilot: Protoclusters & Massive Stars 31 Regular
Gomez, Jose L.  G17A004 Probing the Innermost Regions of AGN Jets and their Magnetic Fields 50 Regular
Gomez, Jose L.  GMVA17B-203 Understanding jet formation and testing the binary SMBH model in OJ287 14 Regular
Jackson, James GBT16A-353 The Radio Ammonia Mid-Plane Survey 69 Large
Johnson, Michael  GMVA17B-260 Imaging the Global Accretion and Outflow of Sgr A*: 3mm VLBI with GMVA+ALMA 12 Regular
Karunakaran, Ananthan  GBT18A-301 Searching for HI in Low Surface Brightness satellites in the Local Volume 15 Regular
Kepley, Amanda  GBT17B-151 Extragalactic GBT+ARGUS Gas Density Survey 491.25 Large
Kovalev, Yuri  GBT17B-210 Evolution of High Brightness Temperature AGN Cores with RadioAstron 81 Regular
Lin, Yen-Ting  GBT17B-101 A MUSTANG-2 Survey of Massive  Clusters from Subaru Hyper Suprime-Cam Survey 36 Regular
Linden, Sean  GBT18A-366 Building integrated SEDs with the GBT for LIRGs in GOALS 9 Regular
Lobanov, Andrei  GMVA17B-324 Magnetic field in the vicinity of central black holes in 3C273 and 3C279 12 Regular
Lockman, Felix  GBT18A-246 Project AMIGA: The Circumgalactic Medium of M31 — The Neutral Component II 176 Regular
Lorimer, Duncan  GBT17B-221 A FLAG Survey for Millisecond Pulsars and Fast Radio Bursts 10 Regular
Lu, Rusen  GMVA17B-304 Lifting the Curtain in M87: From Accretion to Jet Formation 14 Regular
Maccarone, Thomas  VLBA17B-152 A trigonometric parallax for a globular cluster 7.5 Regular
Mason, Brian  GBT18A-336  Detailed Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect Imaging of z > 1 Galaxy Clusters 47.25 Regular
McGuire, Brett  GBT18A-333 An Extremely Deep GBT Survey of TMC-1 422.5 Large
McGuire, Brett  GBT17B-004 PRIMOS-2: Line Surveys of Molecule-Rich Sources 57.25 Regular
McKean, John  VLBA18A-270 Quantifying dark matter substructure in gravitational lens galaxies 18 Regular
Minter, Anthony  GBT18A-314 Does The Smith Cloud Have A Debris Stream? 90 Regular
Monson, Nathaniel  GBT18A-400 Uniform Silicon Isotope Ratios Across the Milky Way Galaxy 15 Regular
Mroczkowski, Tony  GBT18A-175 A GBT+MUSTANG-2 Measurement the SZ Power Spectrum (continued) 58.5 Regular
Oslowski, Stefan  GBT18A-268 Follow-up of FRBs discovered by ASKAP 162 Regular
Ransom, Scott  GBT17B-255 Continued Timing of a Millisecond Pulsar in a Stellar Triple System 65 Regular
Ransom, Scott  GBT17B-256 Long Term Timing of 58 Recycled Pulsars in Bulge Globular Clusters 75 Regular
Requena-Torres, Miguel Angel  GBT18A-363 Increasing molecular complexity in the Galactic Center Molecular Clouds 12 Regular
Romero, Charles  GBT18A-353 MUSTANG-2 Explores the Final Frontier Fields! 30 Regular
Salas, Pedro  GBT17B-157 Mapping the cold neutral medium in the G35–1 region 14.5 Regular
Simard, Dana  VLBA17B-064 Scintillation of FRB121102 and the associated persistent radio source 46 Regular
Spekkens, Kristine  GBT18A-239 The HI Content of Field Ultra Diffuse Galaxy Candidates 135 Regular
Stinebring, Daniel  GBT18A-349 Pulsar Scintillation Arcs – An L-band Follow-up to Previous GBT Detections 16.25 Regular
Storm, Shaye  GBT17B-196 Characterizing the Internal Velocity Fields of Cores with GBT-ARGUS 21 Regular
Stovall, Kevin  GBT17B-325 Continuing the GBT All-Sky 350-MHz Pulsar Survey 1400 Large
Swiggum, Joseph  GBT18A-436 15 New Nulling Pulsars from the GBNCC Survey 31.5 Regular
Swiggum, Joseph  GBT17B-285 18 GBNCC Discoveries: Probing the Recycled Pulsar Population 43 Regular
Swihart, Samuel  GBT17B-172 Sleuthing the Pulsar in a New Long-Period Gamma-ray Loud Binary 7 Regular
Vedantham, Harish  GMVA17B-299 Search for an intermediate-mass gravitational lens towards PKS1413+135 16 Regular
Watson, Darach  GBT18A-230 Detecting CO in a normal galaxy at z=7.132 68 Regular
White, Jacob  GBT18A-329 Measuring the Emission from Sirius A's Stellar Atmosphere 4 Regular