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MUSTANG-2 development

MUSTANG-2 on GBT to Commence Science Observing (Dec, 2016)

MUSTANG-2 has been installed on the GBT with upgraded readout multiplexers and 211 detectors working. Observing on shared risk science proposals in collaboration with the instrument team have begun.

MUSTANG-2 First Light on GBT (May, 2016)

The full MUSTANG-2 camera achieved first light on the GBT in May, 2016! It will return to the GBT in fall 2016 for shared-risk science through the 2017-A Green Bank Observatory proposal call.

MUSTANG-2 green-lighted for full production (July, 2015)

The NSF ATI program has funded our proposal to fully populated the MUSTANG-2 focal plane with 215 dual polarization detectors. The completed MUSTANG-2 receiver is expected to arrive at the GBT for commissioning & early science observations early in 2016.

MUSTANG-1.5 completes successful engineering run on the GBT (May, 2015)

MUSTANG-1.5 was successfully integrated with the GBT and first light observations of a variety of sources obtained. This run allowed the team to shake out final integration issues with the telescope and software systems, and constituted the first astronomical use of MKID-style microwave resonators to read out TES detectors.

MUSTANG-1.5 Arrives at the GBT (December 2, 2014)

MUSTANG-1.5 arrived in Green Bank and is preparing for first light on the GBT later this month!

MUSTANG-2 is Under Construction!

MUSTANG-1.5 is currently being integrated and tested in the lab at U.Penn., with first light on the GBT scheduled for winter 2014.

MUSTANG-2 Detectors delivered to U.Penn!

In June 2014 72 packaged detectors were delivered to U.Penn for testing and characterization.

Left: Cutaway view of tapered feed design; Right: the final MUSTANG-2 feed horn array as fabricated (223 feeds). The feed array weighs 8kg and has been successfully cooled to 300 mK in the MUSTANG-2 cryostat.

Cutaway showing the design of the MUSTANG-1.5 receiver

Pictures of the receiver in the lab at U.Penn.

One ROACH board with its custom daughter cards for the microwave resonator readout.

MUSTANG retired at the end of 2013

MUSTANG– the original 90 GHz, 64 pixel GBT bolometer camera– was retired at the end of calendar year 2013 in anticipation of the arrival of its successor, MUSTANG-1.5 MUSTANG proposals were accepted from June 2009 through Feburary 2012.