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GBTIDL Downloads

Product Downloads

The most recent version of GBTIDL is available here: GBTIDL 2.10 (SourceForge.net)
Read the the release notes for GBTIDL 2.10 (external link)
Please register as a GBTIDL user. (external link)
You can download older versions of GBTIDL from the Sourceforge Downloads Page.

GBTIDL Installation Instructions

After downloading the most recent version of GBTIDL from this page, follow these instructions to install it.

  • Create a directory for the installation and unzip the tar ball:
    mkdir mygbtidl
    mv gbtidl-2.10.tar.gz mygbtidl/.
    cd mygbtidl
    gzip -d gbtidl-2.10.tar.gz
    tar -xvf gbtidl-2.10.tar
  • Go to the newly created installation directory, ‘gbtidl’:
    cd gbtidl
  • Copy the file ‘run_gbtidl’ to ‘gbtidl’:
    cp run_gbtidl gbtidl
  • Edit the ‘gbtidl’ script to use the correct path to your installation of idl. For example:
  • Edit the ‘gbtidl’ script to replace “PLACE_INSTALLATION_DIR_HERE” with the full path to the gbtidl executable script. For example, it should look something like this:
    export GBT_IDL_DIR=/home/mygbtidl/gbtidl
  • Start GBTIDL:

You may wish to add the installation directory to your path.