GBT Will Create New Sky Map

Image credit Dave Green.

Jack Singal, a physics professor at the University of Richmond, has received a $589,939 grant from the National Science Foundation to produce the first calibrated map of diffuse radio emission over nearly the entire sky.

The map will be the first large-scale measurement of the actual absolute brightness level of diffuse radio emission in more than 40 years, rather than a comparison of brightness in different regions of the sky as has been typical.

Singal and his research partner, NRAO’s Richard Bradley, will utilize the Green Bank Telescope (GBT)along with custom instrumentation they are developing.

“This project will use the defining features of the Green Bank Telescope, which is unique in the world, along with our custom radio receiver and feed antenna, so it is a beautiful marriage of big facility and small-group research,” said Singal.  

Read the entire press release from the University of Richmond.

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