Four Children of GBO Staff Among Recipients of 2021 AUI Scholarship

AUI has selected the recipients of its 2021 AUI Scholarship, who each will be awarded a $3,500 renewable scholarship ($14,000 over four years to each scholar) to support their academic careers. Fourteen outstanding high school seniors were selected based on their academic achievement, community involvement, and leadership skills. 

Funded by AUI, the scholarship program recognizes the achievements of the children of full and part-time employees of AUI and its affiliated centers, and assists them with the ongoing costs of collegiate education. Recipients of this year’s award come from across AUI’s affiliated centers, including Green Bank Observatory (GBO), the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO), and AUI.

The AUI Scholarship program is conducted by International Scholarship and Tuition Services, Inc.

AUI 2021 Scholarship Recipients

  • Jackson Manglicmot, NRAO HQ
  • Meredith Jennings, NRAO HQ
  • Mark Dindo, NRAO Central Development Lab
  • Simrat Saini, NRAO Central Development Lab
  • Sophia Indebetouw, NRAO HQ
  • Sophia Valle, NRAO Central Development Lab
  • Ayden Lewis, NRAO-Socorro
  • Rose Carilli, NRAO-Socorro
  • Jeremiah Avery, NRAO-Socorro
  • Phillip James Rittenhouse, Green Bank Observatory
  • Caroline Rose, Green Bank Observatory
  • Krystopher Monk, Green Bank Observatory
  • Kelseigh Monk, Green Bank Observatory
  • Gallean “Gigi” Brown, AUI

Read more information about the AUI 2021 Scholarship recipients here

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