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Field Trips (Day Visits)

All tours and educational programs are free for organized student and youth groups, but advance reservations are required. Meals are available for purchase while onsite.

If you have any questions not answered here, feel free to email us at gro.y1709039250rotav1709039250resbo1709039250bg@ti1709039250siv1709039250.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Green Bank Observatory Science Center is open to the public! However, we do offer special rates and activities for educational groups, which can include:

  • Sanctioned school groups with adult chaperones
  • Sanctioned groups of university or college students (courses, clubs, etc.)
  • Church youth groups with adult chaperones
  • Homeschool associations with adult chaperones or parents
  • Scout, 4-H, Civil Air Patrol, and other after-school clubs or groups
  • Camp groups from other organizations or museums

Tours are free for all students, faculty, and staff, and up to one parent/chaperone for every four students. For example, if you bring 20 students for a tour, we will include five parent/chaperone tickets, and an unlimited number of faculty/staff tickets. If you want to bring a sixth parent or chaperone on the tour with this group, you must purchase a ticket for them upon arrival.

During your visit, your image may be recorded by Green Bank Observatory staff for educational or promotional purposes for the Green Bank Observatory. Photography/video will be of group activities only and not focused on individuals to protect identity and privacy. If you have any concerns, please alert a staff member.

For educational groups, our staff can offer the activities found on Page 3 of our Field Trip Guide. When you’ve chosen what activities you’d like, make sure to put them in the description of your GBORS request.

You can take a field trip the Green Bank Observatory any time of the year! We suggest staying at least two hours in order to visit the exhibit hall, gift shop, and take a tour. If you’d like to do other activities or eat onsite, please allow for more time.

The Starlight Café can provide meals for day trips. Group rates are also available from groups of 10 or more; please ask for more information when you make your reservation.

If you would like the Starlight Café to provide meals, please select “Meal Services” when creating your GBORS request.

Our educators get busy during field trip season, so get your requests in as early as possible!

If you know your preferred dates, you can use the Green Bank Observatory Reservation System (GBORS) to request a reservation. Make sure to select “Science Center & Educational Activities” when creating your request. You can also email gro.y1709039250rotav1709039250resbo1709039250bg@ti1709039250siv1709039250 to request help setting up your reservation.

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