Green Bank Observatory (GBO) has made a visible change to our logo for Pride month, because we want to send the clear message that we value our current and future LGBTQIA+ colleagues, friends, and family members. We send this same message internally by taking seriously our obligation to create and maintain an environment that is safe, secure, and welcoming.

We recognize that our LGBTQIA+ colleagues continue to face social and legal challenges in broader society, and we are committed to ensuring that GBO is a place where being yourself is celebrated. We are grateful to the many people who work here – those who are out, not out, and are allies – who make GBO a place at which diversity of sexual orientation and gender identity is welcomed.

At Green Bank Observatory, we aren’t content with learning about diversity and inclusion; we are continually, intentionally working to identify and change policies and practices that exclude or marginalize. Our staff are empowered and encouraged to speak up when they see a need for change; to talk with each other, and to advocate for changes in policies and practices that aren’t serving all of us.

We hope that Green Bank Observatory has proven, and continues, to be a safe and welcoming environment for our LGBTQIA+ colleagues, both internally and in the community. If we fall short, or if there are changes that we need to make, please let us know.

Vertical Pride logo
Horizontal Pride logo
Rectangular Pride Logo

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