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Graduate Student Opportunity – Metrology

Laser Active Surface Scanning

The Green Bank Observatory has been funded by the National Science Foundation to develop a laser metrology system that will make real-time measurements of the Green Bank Telescope (GBT). The Laser Active Surface Scanning Instrument (LASSI) project uses a commercial terrestrial laser scanner mounted near the prime focus of the telescope to measure the shape of the reflecting surface to an accuracy of 100 micrometers over distances of 60 meters. More information is given under “Metrology” at Technology in the Next Decade on this site.

The project is now in its second year, and has funding to support a graduate student for 3 to 6 months. The student would work with the ten-member LASSI team to develop and implement algorithms that would apply results from the real-time metrology to optimize the performance of the GBT. Previous experience with a terrestrial laser scanner and telescope optics would be helpful, but is not necessary. The student should have some experience with programming.

The student would spend a significant fraction of their time at the Green Bank Observatory, which combines the atmosphere of a National Lab with a rural setting. Applicants should submit a CV and letter of intent, along with a supporting letter from their advisor, to

 Applications will be considered until April 17th.

Summer Student Opportunities

There are several opportunities available for undergraduate and postgraduate students for summer research at the Green Bank Observatory include housing and a stipend. Students who are interested in Astronomy and have a background in Astronomy, Physics, Engineering, Computer Science, and/or Math are preferred.

The deadline for Summer 2020 applications has passed. Please check back in December for Summer 2021 opportunities.

Find your next Career at Green Bank Observatory

Are you passionate about astronomy, astrophysics or scientific discovery? Do you love to build complex electrical systems that help drive some of the most advanced radio telescopes in the world? Do you like interacting with groups large and small and teaching people about the universe? You may find your next dream job right here in Pocahontas County.

With every type of job – from tour guides, to electrical engineers, to machinists, and astronomers – the Green Bank Observatory employs a wide array of employees from a wide array of disciplines.

Apprenticeships and Internships

We are not taking new applications for apprentices or interns at this time, they are accepted on a rolling basis. Please check back for when the next round of applications will be available.

GBO technicians installing the calibration wheel for the 4mm Receiver on the GBT.

We are committed to a diverse and inclusive work place culture that accepts and appreciates all individuals.

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