Ira Flatow Chosen for the 2019 Frank Drake Lectureship

Science Friday Host Ira Flatow.
Source: Science Friday

Science Friday happens to be on a Tuesday this month

March 19, 7:00 PM
Green Bank Science Center Auditorium

Free and open to the public

The Green Bank Observatory has awarded the 2019 Frank Drake Lectureship to Ira Flatow.

The Frank Drake Lectureship is awarded each year to someone from the sciences, arts or humanities in recognition of their contributions to advancing human knowledge and creativity.

Veteran science correspondent Ira Flatow is the host and executive producer of public radio’s Science Friday. Each week he brings a lively, informative discussion of science to two million radio and podcast listeners. Ira is also founder of the Science Friday Initiative, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that is dedicated to increasing the public’s access to science and scientific information.

Ira has shared his enthusiasm with public radio and TV fans for more than 40 years, including as a guest star on the hit CBS comedy, The Big Bang Theory. His recent honors include the National Science Board Public Service Award, AAAS Journalism Award, the Carl Sagan Award, the Nierenberg Prize for Science in the Public Interest and the Isaac Asimov Science Award. Ira has also received an honorary doctorate from Pennsylvania’s Muhlenberg College.

His talk is entitled, “Science Journey: Forty Years of Lessons Learned” and it will be 30-40 minutes in length followed by 15-20 min Q&A.

Frank Drake
Dr. Frank Drake – Source, NRAO; AUI

Dr. Frank Drake, the Lectureship’s namesake, has had a long and distinguished career that began at the Observatory in Green Bank. His scientific achievements include discovery of the radiation belts of Jupiter, and the measurements and characterization of the radio sources at the center of the Milky Way. He also contributed to our understanding of the high surface temperature of Venus. In 1960, using a radio telescope at Green Bank, he made the first modern search for radio signals from extraterrestrial civilizations, He thus began an area of scientific research that has continued and is flourishing today, engaging creative minds worldwide.