06/26/2016: ‘Full Measure’: The No-Fi zone

85ft_Twitter_2016Just three hours from the nation’s capital, two unthinkable acts are occurring.

One, an unlikely partnership with the Russians, and two — prepare yourself — the government is cutting ties to your cellphone. “Full Measure” news correspondent Joce Sterman traveled to the No-Fi zone.

In the digital age, we live on an electronic leash, and sometimes we dream of a life not on a tether.

You’ll find it in this town of fewer than 200 people. Green Bank, West Virginia is the kind of place where chickens roam free, country songs spill from the lone AM station, and the sound of crickets is drowned out only by a passing car on a country road.

It’s not the shelter of the mountain hills that shields Green Bank from the intrusions of technology. It is the demands of the technology itself.

Aired on WJLA.  See more at: http://wjla.com/news/nation-world/full-measure-the-no-fi-zone


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